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So! Over the past couple weeks, Pie and I have been really getting into Persona 5! After getting some of her bodily fluids back and a good rest, we were able to sit down and really put a good amount of time into the game~ It's honestly such a refreshing experience because it brings us back to all the times that we used to have where we would devote solid chunks of time to playing a great console RPG together. The entire approach and atmosphere surrounding it is just so vastly different than the feeling of playing at our desk on the computer, and the playtime is far more intentional and relaxed in the living room on the TV. We're now setting aside time in our day and have hard deadlines on what our playtime is just so we can get a little bit more of that sweet, sweet story *w*

That said, we are only just entering the third palace, though we somehow already clocked in a whopping 47 hours... I suppose we took the loading screens recommendation of "Take Your Time" a little bit too much to heart. Honestly though, there are so many things that we are enjoying with it that I guess it adds up fast when you are being compulsive about checking vending machines for SP drinks you don't really need (yeeeet >.>), maximizing your schedule returns and fusing the best persona you possibly can (and making sure you have great variety in skill, stat, tarot and strength/weakness tables).

I think that given my propensity for getting a bit too obsessed with min/maxing persona lineups, I'll probably hand off the game completely to Pie and watch so we can ensure that we see the ending. That OCD like tendency of mine has stopped us from completing Persona 4 and Tales of Zestiria, and I'm really wanting to actually get all the way through with this one! I really need to make sure to keep my neurosis in check *nod nod* I feel good about it though because of of the things that got me with P4 was the randomized dungeons (P5's hand built dungeons are so much more inviting to me) and I'm well aware of my compulsions...wish us luck! :3