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So, we finally broke down a few weeks ago and got a PS4.^^ We've been really reluctant for a long time, but the fact of owning Odin Sphere, Horizon, and Persona 5 sitting before us along with having a little extra cash for the month, we decided it was a good time. =) I'm always stingy about spending money, but after the decision was pretty much set, I was surprised to find myself rather excited, more excited than I would have ever expected. It felt like Christmas eve as a kid upon seeing that you have a large present under the tree addressed to you! It's a big box! It might be something awesome and fun that you've been wanting for months (not a sweater)! \(' u ')/ I haven't felt that for a long long time about a console.

Soon after getting the PS4, we kinda hit a situation in which we were pressured financially, making us question if it was really a good thing we got it. I am very happy we did though and won't regret the decision. Getting the PS4 isn't simply about being able to play PS4 games for entertainment, but it's an experience. I've been so excited, energized, and inspired to play and discover what our PS4 library has to offer.

To be given the spark of passion, love, and fandom towards something is a force that can be life propelling. It makes people dream, hope, imagine, and chase the "what could be". And even if it's not something you can interact with in the now, it's an energy that you can carry with you for the rest of your life. It creates ways of life and communities. I know it might sound like I'm blowing it up to be more grand than it actually is, but it's something I believe in. It's like as gamers, we still carry our old favorites where ever we go. Chrono Trigger is in our hearts, The Legend of Zelda, Super Metroid, Final Fantasy Tactics, we carry them where ever we go. They are more than just games, they're a part of us, they're elements that we've learned from and make us who we are today. When we talk to another person and discover they carry the same childhood concepts in their heart, you feel a bit of kinship. When you discovered that you cried at the same moments in Suikoden 2 as another, that you struggled in the same battles in SMT: Nocturne, it brings us together as gamers.

In a recent comic, we kinda joked on how busy I've been working. Many times, I get caught up in what I have to get done and don't take time out to casually enjoy myself. Being excited about Persona 5 and other things that I've recently devoted some time to explore, allowed me to realize what I've been missing lately and remember how important and amazing it is to have something fun you're excited about on the side of your busy life. =)

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may 7, 2017