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So yeah, it has been a slow start, but Pie and I are finally getting started with creating online webcomics! We actually wanted to do a number of projects, the first one being a more serious epic fighting style manga named Chromatic Shift, but we ended up deciding to kick things off with a more simple comedy panel that we can do while developing our ďepicĒ manga.

The comic above isnít TOO far off from reality because it makes me think of all the ways I want to try and make a living off of doing fun things that I am passionate about. Pie and I are avid gamers (hell, we met through an MMO), and to be able to somehow etch a living out of that is our dream. She has always been talented at art and me...weíll... Iím just a lover of games! hehe She has always wanted to create comics and I want to do whatever I can to make her dreams come true, so even though our dream is shared by countless others, we decided to throw caution into the wind and follow our hearts!

ALSO! OhÖmyÖGOD! I want to play SMG2 so bad. I absolutely adored the first game and I canít stop salivating at the idea of playing the second one. I wonder if I can go to the store and trade them something that isnít money for a copy of the gameÖ.perhaps a pocketful of lint! (Hey, if a rock can be a pet, Iím sure the store manager could make a MASCOT out of my pocket lint!!). Anyways, as soon as I can figure out a way to get a copy of the game (legally, of course!), I will be down there in a heartbeat to pick it up.

For nowÖI think Iím going to go dust off SMG1 and have some fun! Thanks to everyone that came to check us out! Please bookmark us and check back regularly. We will be posting stuff as often as we can - either a comedy panel or something related to Chromatic Shift! Thanks again!!


On to the Next!~

june 7, 2010

At the start of doing the first page of Life in Aggro I was feeling really reluctant about drawing myself as a character because I really hate drawing myself, but I went along with it because it was the type of comic we decided to do. It strangely doesn't feel like much of an issue anymore now that the page is done -though I still don't like the idea of drawing myself. I think it's probably because I'm feeling Pie is more like a game avatar than a depiction of myself. XD

We decided that we'd stick to flat colors when coloring Life in Aggro to be more time efficient. It feels weird not going "all the way" when coloring the page. I almost never flat-color my work; I was feeling "Yay, I can be lazy!" yet the page feels kinda unfinished... o_< I'm really glad about not doing anymore coloring on it though. >.<

Finishing this page took much longer than I would have liked it to. Iím always curious how long it takes normal comic artists to finish a piece.

Iíve been feeling kind of drained lately ,but I really want to get to work and make progress! I really want Chromatic Shift and Life in Aggro to be works that I can feel proud about. I've already started working on the next page and it's really exciting and fun! XD

Iím really looking forward to the time when I can look back and see at least 15 finished comic entries in our archives; thatís when I think Iíll feel Iím ďon the road to progress and improvementĒ since 15 pages was the most Iíve ever done for a single comic... save for a comic a friend and I did back in high school which I think was 30-40 pages, I don't remember. o_<

I hope readers find our comics entertaining and will keep coming back for more.~