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So! We're finally getting on to the 4th palace this week in Persona 5, adding a whopping 20 more hours onto our already high play time just to get through the 3rd. I think we are habitually slow in our game play sessions and there is very little we can do to help that. The sad thing is that our real play time is padded by a good chunk because we are in the habit of constantly resetting to do various things, like, you know...checking every possible answer to ensure we say precisely the right thing to EVERYONE. What can I say? Our hero, Bunny Hops, has to be the super person with all his charm, wit and intellect that neither of us can hope to be. With a name like that, greatness is thrust upon you, after all~

Along with Persona 5, Pie and I have been playing through Gravity Rush 2 pretty casually. I really enjoy how much it opens up after you get to your first large town, Jirga Para Lhao. Don't get me wrong, the lead up to getting there is really fun, but I guess I like the really casual nature of being in this massive city with all these little hidden gems everywhere along with the ability to share locations of treasure chests with other players. As I would get my exploration fix in, I would constantly try to maximize my mobility from doing the slide move which tilts the world in such a way that allows you to slide on any surface. I couldn't help being reminded of what a really good 3rd person 3D Sonic might feel like (which I suppose is unfair to say since I've not played a recent Sonic game). The feel of the game is addicting as something just to pick up and play for a bit, but I'm holding off for now on getting too involved in it because of my intense desire to see more Persona 5 story.

Oh! On another note! A friend ended up buying copies of Stormblood for Pie and me, so it looks like we'll be playing that in a month as well, so probably more FFXiV comics on the horizon. We were hesitant to do so because of our roomie moving out and having a bit less cash to spend on the subscription, but because of our generous friend, we figured it would be nice to be part of the new-release excitement. Seeing my character in the official benchmark did NOT help with the notion of taking an extended break either... I miss her too much ;-;