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If you've been following us on Twitter or Facebook, you may have seen me promise a bonus comic for Wednesday evening. Wait, but it's early Thursday morning, so what's the freaking hold up? Who knows...being ambitious with comic creation while being completely A.D.D. with any little random Internet thing is certainly a bad combination. But hey man, if Samuel L. Jackson tells you to Go the F**k to Sleep, you DO IT.

Also, we may actually be late for this week's LiA proper. It kinda sucks since we've not been a full day late since the first week of January, but at least it will be for what I hope to be an awesome comic.

Today's bonus stage ended up sprouting up because a few of our friendly watchers at our Deviant Art gallery were inquiring about the symbol on Pie's hat in the Fish Full of Dreams picture. After thinking about Suikoden for a little bit, we came up with how in your army of 108 characters, there are definitely some that shine more than others. Enjoy!