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Another week, another random comic! If you thought that this was supposed to be some gamer comic about the latest news and what's cool and hip and poppin fresh well, sorry to disappoint. But if you happen to enjoy a bunch of random silliness, I think we may just have that which will satiate your appetite again this week. Well, to be honest, I think Pie is the master chef of silliness in our house I'm more of a sous-chef and saucier; brewing the comic broth until it has nice consistency, a subtle blend and a nutty flavor.

So this week we pay homage to Deception, a rather dark line of games on the Playstation by Tecmo. The premise of the series was that you would setup trap combos to try and kill your various assailants and victims in the most gruesome, by which I mean awesome, way possible. It was a lot of wicked fun and leant itself to setting up stringing combos to break down your foes in the most strategically devious ways possible. It was like an adult version of the board game Mouse Trap the whole point was to get to the good part where you can see you maniacal contraption work its magic.

And that, in essence, is what made the concept fun. You would setup elaborate traps, bounce your victims in-between them and chain up combos as well as experiment with various objects in the environment to inflict more pain to your little lab rat. Could you somehow coax your test subject into landing in that wicked-looking electrical chair or spike laden coffin? Could you air-juggle them or perhaps set them ablaze with a gigantic fiery boulder, hurtling them into a pillar which then topples over from the force? Often, you were give a number of tools and it was up to the player to come up with the most interesting ways of getting the job done.

Anyways, I hope you all have been enjoying the silly, pseudo-game related comics lately. I know we have been a bit lax with bonus stage material and other stuff recently. Pie and I have been discussing a lot how we want to move forward and how we want to grow. I think right now what is critically important for us is to start ramping up production and finally opening up a store front. I've left it on the back burner for a long time because I hated the idea of selling stuff before having a solid direction on the comic.

Now that we have a decently sized archive and a good foothold on how to manage our time and effort into the comic, I feel a lot more comfortable at the idea of opening up a shop. It was important to us that we had a solid footing before asking you all to do something we do not take lightly; to help support us financially by buying some of our stuff. I never really felt comfortable opening one before; I wanted to make sure that we had a track record first of doing our best to provide you all with an enjoyable source of entertainment.

After a year's worth of work, I am confident in our ability to continue and I see our own growth potential and get excited at the idea of doing everything possible to make you all laugh. When I sit back and think about bringing a little bit of laughter or brevity and enjoyment to someone through LiA, it really makes me want to draw out our fullest potential.

So that's my promise to you all. That's our promise. We will continue working our hardest to brighten up even one persons day. We will work ourselves to exhaustion if it means we can help make a difference in even one person's life. We will strive to refine and hone our art and humor to make it as compelling as possible. When the time comes that we start to offer our wares, I hope a number of you early readers to LiA are able to buy some awesomely amazing swag to help support the wonderful misadventures of Bear and Pie!

Thank you for the support everyone, we really, really appreciate it.

There's been some pretty exciting news coming from this year's E3 and like last year, Nintendo totally stole the show with the unveiling of their new gaming console, the Wii-U. E3 didn't seem very interesting for the first few days; Microsoft and Sony's press release news left me eagerly awaiting Nintendo's presentation, probably because I was so impressed by last year's.

I admit that I'm very much biased toward Nintendo over Sony and Microsoft. I don't really have any gripe against Sony; I like their console, but I can't help feeling that Nintendo seems friendlier and I applaud their innovative thinking to evolve and advance gaming. I never got into Microsoft's consoles due to them having no games I've been interested in. In fact, I currently very much dislike them mainly due to their Kinect, how they advertise it, and what it means to me as a gamer. I have a lot to say about it, but I'll have to wait for another day to go into detail.

Other than the newly unveiled Nintendo Wii-U, there didn't seem to be much for me to get excited for in terms of software. '_' It was really cool seeing footage of Darksiders2 though! XD -I love how the voice acting sounds and how death looks on his horse. =)

I was also really surprised and happy to discover Vanillaware's fantasy arcade-style game Dragon's Crown, but was disappointed after seeing some of the character designs. -_- The game looks GORGEOUS like almost all of Vanillaware's other games, but... *sigh* T-T The playable roster consists of three male and three female characters. One female character, the Amazon, has a really huge butt and it always seems to be facing the audience when she appears in-game,. >.> Another female character, the Sorceress, has HUGE boobs; so large in fact, they have to heave in the opposite direction she's facing when she casts spells. =x Why couldn't those characters' designs be focused to look cool like the protagonists in Odin Sphere instead of over-exaggeratingly "sexy." >_<

I've read people comparing Vanillaware's Dragon's Crown to Capcom's '93 and '96 Dungeons and Dragons Arcade games. That was one of the first things that popped in my mind too when I first saw the trailer. The set-up and colors seem very similar, but with very Vanillaware flavored visuals. Seeing the Dragon's Crown trailer reminded me of how much I loved playing Capcom's D&D Arcade games with my brother on the Sega Saturn; they're so awesome! I really wonder how much more the game will develop before its release and how it will compare with Capcom's D&D.

Deceptively Delicious

june 10, 2011


E3 Extravaganza

june 8, 2011

Last year for E3, I distinctly remember feeling that Nintendo had stolen the show. Even with the Kinect and Move taking up a bit of the spotlight, Nintendo slammed it home with not only an amazing set of games, but also the unveiling of the 3DS. It was a great feeling seeing Nintendo on fire with so many great titles to look forward to as well as a new portable with a lot of potential.

Fast forward to this year's E3, and that sense has come back in full swing. There are a number of games to get excited about, but what is more impressive is the unveiling of Nintendo's new Wii-U console. When I first started to watch all of the streaming videos of the unveiling of the Wii-U, I must say that I was immediately and extremely excited about what this meant for gaming and the possibilities that it brought to the table.

The concept behind the Wii-U is not at all new; it simply builds upon everything that Nintendo has been striving for in innovative gaming experiences. For the Wii-U to bring a screen to the controller is something that was amazingly executed seven years ago in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and Zelda the Four Swords. Anyone who played these games with their friends will probably tell you how much fun they had.

Sadly, I missed out on playing four swords, but I played the hell out of Crysal Chronicles and loved every minute of it. Having CC parties at my house with my other gaming friends was just an awesomely fun experience and the addition of having the GBA/GB SP linked to the Gamecube was an a stroke of genius. There is no doubt in my mind that Miyamoto must have had his sights on this for the better part of a decade.

Even though there are no shortage of industry pundits and naysayers saying too-little, too-late (as for Nintendo finally going HD), I am putting my money on Nintendo to clean house once again with the Wii-U. Really, their biggest challenge will be what any innovative tech has, finding the developers with the creativity and prowess to create compelling titles for it. Luckily, Nintendo has never faltered with their 1st party titles, so even if developers have trouble coming up with great ideas, we can still expect great games from beloved franchises. Of course, I think developer imaginations are already going wild with ideas.