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What else is there to say about this week's comic? If you have ever played Speed Devils for the Dreamcast, then you're in luck! This comic is devoted to you, the players of another obscure and nearly forgotten game, brought back to life in the only way we know how with gobs and gobs of random silliness. If you haven't played this game, you're in luck! The comic essentially has nothing to do with that game at all!! Huzzah!!

Now I know what you're thinking; Bear and Pie, how is it that you can make comics that in theory are about games but in harsh reality have only very minute elements of gaming in them? Do we just go through a game library randomly and pick small elements to focus on when writing these silly comics?! I mean, looking at today's entry, I wouldn't be surprised if you all questioned whether or not Pie and I actually play games at all! Well, we don't just play games; we live them...just in very odd ways.

Back on topic; Speed Devils came along with a host of other really great arcade-style games for the Dreamcast. Arcade gaming was doing rather well at the time and home console hardware was getting closer and closer to emulating the fidelity of arcade coin-ops. For Sega, the Dreamcast was a huge step toward bridging the gap as it sported the same hardware components as their wildly popular NAOMI board, used all over the place for Sega arcade cabinets. The arcade units were still quite a bit beefier, and sometimes even chained NAOMI boards together, but the similarity in hardware and chip-architecture meant we saw rather impressive ports of some very amazing arcade games.

Although Speed Devils was a direct to console release, along with Hydro Thunder, Crazy Taxi and San Francisco Rush symbolize an exciting time for gaming. The economy was hot, the game and tech industries exuded innovation and coolness and everything moved at an amazingly fast pace. These games are a symbol of the times and serve as great examples of classic, crazy-cool arcade racers.

It's been a while since we've had a dinosaur appear in our comics so I suppose we were just about due This time though, dinosaurs appearing isn't out of random fun, but is actually related to the game Speed Devils -in a small way. Bear actually introduced me to the game rather recently so I haven't played much of it, but what I HAVE played, I can say that it's pretty interesting. One of the things I think stands out most about the game are the race track environments.

All of the tracks Bear and I played had interesting quirks like the player having to dodge rolling boulders, a UFO crashing into a bridge, or a Tyrannosaur on the loose. This week's comic is a real stretch in how it relates to the game, but we couldn't help to do it once we found ourselves laughing at the ideas. Hope you guys enjoy it. =)

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