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We finally hit the one-year mark since Bear and I started Life in Aggro. It's a little hard to believe since it really doesn't feel like it's been that long. I've heard that some people say that hitting the one year mark isn't really much of a reason to celebrate but I think it is; it still requires a lot of devotion, hard work, and time. I'm really happy we've been able to keep up our schedule and haven't missed a single week yet! XD

Anyway- here's a picture to celebrate our one-year progress of Life in Aggro. =) I haven't done a non-comic full picture in a while so I was really interested to see if my coloring/shading skills had deteriorated. I've never done a seashore picture before so I'm happy I was able to pull off a decent "deep blue sky" atmosphere accompanied with a bright and sunny feeling. I know I still have a ways to go when it comes to body proportions and perspective, but I think it came out nicely. Bear came up with the name "Fish Full of Dreams" as I was drawing and I just couldn't help wanting to use it; it's such a beautiful and fitting title! >.< I hope you all enjoy the picture.~ =)

Thank you everyone for your readership and support for Life in Aggro. =) Bear and I hope to keep you guys entertained for years to come! =D

One year ago, Pie and I made the plunge to start working on Life in Aggro. Prior to that we had dreamed about working on "things" together but we could never really fully conceptualize what it is we should be doing. I was severely burned out from my previous work and found myself completely lacking direction, focus and drive. Throughout my younger years I never really had that issue, but for nearly two years before we started LiA I was languishing and it proved to be a huge obstacle to overcome to move on with life for the two of us.

Having gone through that period of being astray and depleted has been one of the best things that have happened to me. From the contrast in life, I am now able to clench my first tighter, grit my teeth stronger and fight more vigorously for what we want with a clear vision. It is from knowing and experiencing what I don't want that I can draw out more of myself to pursue what it is we are after. Having Pie work on her dream of being a comic creator, being a source of entertainment for our readers, and doing work we so thoroughly enjoy side by side and loving every minute of it is just a small list of reasons why LiA is so important to us.

I'm extremely humble and grateful to all my family, friends and everyone reading Life in Aggro that give Pie and I the support to keep at it. So, even though a "One Year Anniversary" isn't anything hugely substantial, it is monumental for both of us at it stands as a testament that we are finally on track. Thank you for reading and bearing with this small lull in activity as we refresh, reflect and gear up for the exciting times ahead!

Fish Full of Dreams

may 27, 2011



may 25, 2011

Pie and I took this week to recharge our batteries, so we don't have anything for you this Wednesday. Additionally, Friday won't be a comic it will be a celebratory Life in Aggro One Year Anniversary Bear and Pie illustration. We have a lot of ambitious things we want to do and I felt it important that we got this short breather while we could. I'll explain in more detail on Friday, but we thought that we would opt out this week for the Bonus Stage because we will be revving on high again very soon.

Sorry to everyone who checked in and didn't get their dose of funny! Thank you for being patient with us; we really appreciate your understanding and support.