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You know what I've been thinking lately? I need to do MORE STUFF. There are numerous things I want to do: work on features for LiA, participate in the DA community, make our comics better, be an Internet super hero, remember birthdays, swallow sadness, suck my...well you get the picture. So with this huge list of stuff to do, there really is only one option with those troublesome minutes I would otherwise spend sleeping: Take care of a virtual pet!!

Go into the wild and find that mysterious yellow rat boys and girls because it's time to take care of Pikachu like a boss!

Does anyone even remember the Tamagotchi/Virtual Pet craze? Is it still huge? I have no idea, what with Pie and I living in some cave that is buried and hidden away from all of society's new trends and influences. I'm told not much has changed from my childhood, really. What's that? Scooby Doo, Smurfs, Ninja Turtles, Thundercats, Alvin and the Chipmunks and My Little Pony are still around?

Damn... I didn't realize that this cave took us back in time to the 1980's. Well listen, I'm going to go back to hibernating; you wake me up when we get far enough into the past where Steampunk is prevalent or the Wild West plays out similarly to the Will Smith movie.

I know it sounds narrow minded, but I never understood the appeal of taking care of virtual pets. I think I'd understand the addictiveness if the pet leveled up, had stats, and maybe battled, but I always thought the idea of feeding a digital pet for the pure sake of feeding or keeping it alive sounded like unwelcomed daily stress. I know it's not that much work, but the idea of having the constant thought I'd have to care for the pet every few hours sitting in the back of my mind just sounds so bothersome. I might as well do a set of push-ups every few hours so that I at least get some tangible benefits. -Anyway, I suppose it's just one of those things that a lot of people find fun that I just can't get into.

The idea of starting this week's comic was kind of daunting since we ended up having to use our larger comic format and it's rather cramped, but it was still pretty fun to draw! XD I'm happy that we have another Friday comic starring Bear and Pie; it's been a while. I'm not sure what made this fun, but I think it might be because of the various actions and expressions Bear uses and maybe because I like drawing him exaggerated. XD


Cupcake Stage

may 18, 2011

Wait, no comic for today?! Why...why must we torment you?! Well, we sorta are sadistic that way! Your tears sustain us *lick*...hehe

In all seriousness though, how could we call a Bonus Stage a Bonus if it were just regular? I mean, it might as well just be a normal installment, right? Well, this is a good example of why when Pie and I thought about bringing more material out that there were going to be times when we had to take a breather as we focus on other things. But do not fret! We have some pretty cool stuff coming that we are working on (hence this interlude), so look forward to some amazingly awesomeness soon!

For now, enjoy the doodle in Pie's post. When I look at it, I can't help but think, "You know, I think she's got the right idea there".


Lizard Stage

may 18, 2011

Sorry guys about not having a comic for our Bonus Stage today. As Bear has mentioned, not every Bonus Stage is going to be a comic. Here's a picture of a Lizard and a cupcake though to tide you guys over till Friday.~ Enjoy~ =D