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Transcending History and the World, a tale of delicious wall meats, eternally retold.

Today we follow Dan, a security skeleton at the famous Casa Loma de Vlad Tepes. He is a hard working family man doing what he can to make ends meet. All he ever wanted was to save up for his kids college fund, provide for his wonderful wife (Suzzy, of 13 blissful years) and finish off his last decade before going into retirement and collecting that sweet pension.

Sadly, it looks like a certain interloper has come in and destroyed this humble skeletons hopes and dreams. To add insult to injury, the brigand raided something even more important than his bone-clad integrity! And you thought stealing that wall-chop was a victimless crime... For shame.

Castlevania was another game theme Bear and I've wanted to do a comic on for while. I actually came up with the basis for the comic months ago, but Bear never thought the original idea had enough material or a good punch which I completely agree with him about. Bear's been in a Castlevania mood lately so we've been pushing more towards doing a comic on it. We ended up talking about the idea I thought up months ago about finding health refilling pork chops in the walls of old building structures and their questionable health risks. Bear took the idea, threw in a spin on its perspective, we talked some more, laughed, and ended up with what we have today! =D

I had fun drawing this comic and couldn't help but to laugh while doing it. Drawing it was a little tougher than I expected because though drawing skeletons can be really simple and easy if you stylize it right, I hadn't had much experience drawing them in different angles and I didn't want take the lazy "stick-figure skeleton" route.

I hope you guys find the comic funny like I did when I was drawing it. Sometimes I worry a little about our comic humor because like I said before, I've been told I laugh about things that a lot of people really don't think are funny.

Bear's been posting our comics on Deviantart and it's been getting exciting because we're getting comments and views! XD I'm pretty sure we mentioned this before, but we're kinda in the dark when it comes to feedback on how LiA is received. '_' As Bear posts, he often browses Deviantart a bit and sometimes finds really awesome artwork. I've been feeling a bit jealous because I really want to become an "amazing artist" like the ones he's found, but I just haven't put in the time to do any non comic picture art lately. I'm not going to say that I "don't have time" because I know I do, I'm just usually too lazy between comics because I'm usually tired and feel like I should rest up when I can to prepare for upcoming responsibilities. I always seem to feel a pull in both directions; if I do a lot of pictures, I want to do comics and vice versa. Why can't I have my cake and eat it too?! >.<

The Other White Meat

may 13, 2011