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As if the Friday entry of Life in Aggro wasn't obscure enough of a game reference, we decided to go the extra mile and flesh it out even more with this week's Bonus Stage. In case you missed my short post on Friday, he is Alundra and you would do well to learn his name.

One of the biggest moments for the game is that early on people in the village you are trying to save are dying off. This would normally result in a bit of sorrow, but when it happens that the next big weapon upgrade comes as a direct result of this, it sort of produces the opposite effect.

Alundra was a game that Pie and I grew really attached to when it was released for the PS1. There was just something about it that made it really shine; the art, music and story were all interesting and it reminds me of a sort of golden age in great games that were fresh and exciting. For being Sony's first crack at a video game system, they really hit it out of the park with an amazing library of games that stand second only to my SNES collection. The PS1 released so many incredible games, many of which we are fortunate to have access to through the...Playstation.......Network.

HAHAHA...I couldn't say it with a straight face.

As anyone who isn't living under a rock knows all too painfully by now, PSN is an obliterated mess right now. Once the network does come back online, if you like gambling with your credit card information, I highly recommend people grabbing Alundra if Zelda style games are your taste. I mean there is no need to be rash; I'm sure a little credit card fraud never hurt anyone.

We'll see you again on Friday, most likely in the afternoon, with a Castlevania themed comic!

I was a bit unsure at the idea of doing an Alundra comic when Bear and I were first talking about it because of its obscurity. The game wasn't a hit as far as I can tell, but it also wasn't unpopular either; in fact, everyone I know who've played it is a fan. Anyway, it is not unknown that a lot of our readers don't know a lot of the game references we make and we can't let that fact hold us back on our creative freedom. I hope that those of you who haven't played the game still laugh at the Alundra comics.

Though we thought the joke was funny for last week's full comic, I wasn't looking so forward to drawing it. Aside from it being larger than our usual size, there didn't seem to be really anything I was interested in drawing and I really didn't care for drawing the inside of a house so many times; I was having a lot of fun drawing this bonus stage however. The highlight of this comic for me was drawing Krillin from Dragonball Z, one of my favorite characters in the Dragonball series. I think he came out nicely. =D