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Okay, this will be another short thoughts post. Fret not! Pie and I will post something more substantial after we get some rest, so check back for that late tonight/early tomorrow morning. With this week's bonus stage and another ambitious comic, we are spent until we can get some sleep.

For now, please enjoy this week's Alundra themed comic. Fans will feel right at home with this concept and for those who haven't played this amazing game, all the pertinent details are conveniently encoded into this comic awaiting your careful extraction.

*Saturday Evening Update* Okay, so the original idea was that Pie and I were going to post our proper thoughts post for you all by Saturday morning. Well, we're going to have to postpone that until this week's Bonus Stage. We both just needed to have a small break before getting back to it to relax. Thanks for your patience and have an awesome weekend!

Striking Hot Iron

may 6, 2011