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Today's Bonus Stage isn't so much a product of our imagination as it is a record of events. The first frame is, word for word, something Pie said to me and the 3 frames succeeding it were nothing more than anyone's natural conclusion.

To those curious, this post is short because it has come to my attention that our site is seriously messed up looking on IE7 and earlier, PS3 browsers and certain Linux/Unix browsers. This is the result of me toying with CSS like a big boy little did I realize the road flare was actually an M80 waiting to light me up.

My sincerest apologies to our visitors on such browsers I will be working double time to fix this issue as fast as possible. My gut tells me I have to tweak elements of our master style sheet. With any luck I won't have to go deeper than that but it's any ones guess right now. Thanks for bearing with my novice hot metal skills and please enjoy today's Bonus Stage!