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If you canít find adventure, sometimes you have to take initiative and uncover it! Though through such pursuits it may become apparent that it cannot be successfully encapsulated into a single storytelling session! So join me today as I start the first part of an adventure to find a mystery! One way or another we will spice up what would have otherwise been a mundane afternoon.

In the news lately, Professor Layton has been getting a lot of attention. And when something gets a lot of attention, there are bound to be other things that want to mimic that success. The Professor Layton series has done really well for itself, spawning an impressive 6 games since its 2007 Japanese release with a 7th game to feature a crossover between the good professor and Phoenix Wright, another highly successful handheld series. The 6th game was recently released for the 3DS and it has smashed 3DS launch sales in Japan.

Sadly I missed out on the series and came very close to purchasing it on a number of occasions. Every time I would see it at the store it would entice me with its charming art style and interesting settings. What was probably the biggest draw for the series to me was the fact that it was developed by Level 5, which is a game studio I am very much a fan of. A lot of their stuff has grabbed me right out of the gate and I still remember feeling bummed out that their Xbox Live MMO True Fantasy Live Online got cancelled. Even with TFLO never making it out, everything in their library that I know of has always stricken me as being highly polished and worth checking out.


Let's Feel Smart!

march 4, 2011

I've never played a Professor Layton game, but I've been curious due to its popularity and fame. I can't help to feel that it won't hold my attention for long though from what I've seen in trailers. It has a nice unique art style, but looks kinda slow paced and I just don't think its music is to my taste from what I've heard. I guess maybe I've gotten too lazy to want to wander around a town talking to all possible NPC's to progress the story.

I do really like the idea of detective work and problem solving being a core part of a game genre though; I'm a big fan of the Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Series.~ =D I know it's hypocritical to state that considering the player has to talk to a lot of NPC's in the Ace Attorney series to progress the story, but everything looks and sounds so much more appealing. =x

The designer of the AA series' most recent game came out semi-recently called Ghost Trick; it has that "clever game" kind of feel the AA series had. I've had my eyes set on that game since it was first revealed at a game show a while back and I'm still excited and anxious at the idea of playing it! =D I should really get back to playing the AA series. T-T Hopefully one day I can get my hands on Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice too before it's impossible to find at a decently low price. >.<

PS- The link I gave for Ghost Trick has a Demo you can play in your web browser. I takes a short bit for it to load so be patient if you plan to check it out. =)