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Sitting down to write an entry the other night for todayís post I found that I didnít have much to say about game related news. I was content that I would have something to write about by the time I woke up the morning and still found that my topic list was on the short side.

Mysteriously, I found a text message on my phone from my good friend in New York saying there was a tsunami headed our way and told us to be careful. So wondering what was going on, I headed on over to the LA Times website and see the shocking news of the 8.9 quake in Japan. Checking out some of the video footage of the quake and tsunamis was a pretty somber way to start the day off. Living on the Pacific Rim you kind of get used to earthquakes but one of that magnitude is almost unimaginable considering just how powerful that actually is.

Since there isnít much else on my mind other than hoping and praying for the best for everyone effected by this huge natural disaster, I will leave it at that. I hope that todayís comic can bring some levity to an otherwise serious Friday.

I suppose I've somewhat given up on the fact that I'll get to play Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice one day. I know I just said that I was hoping to one day get it last week, but I watched a youtube video of someone playing a little past the first Chapter a few months ago due to obsession and I couldn't help to feel that it wasn't as engrossing as the first AA: Phoenix Wright game. I've been listening to a lot of AA: Phoenix Wright music lately and ended up picking up where I left off watching AA: Apollo Jucstice months ago and I think I know what the problem is now; I don't think I like AA: Apollo Justice's music. It just doesn't sound as cool and catchy; in fact, I found Trucy's (Apollo's investigation partner) theme melody to be kinda tiring.

I admit that one of the things that really drew me into wanting to play AA: Apollo Justice other than it being an Ace Attorney game built from the ground up specifically for the Nintendo DS (having nice pretty higher res graphics and more animation XD) was that I really like the art. I can't find any info stating it, but I'm pretty sure a lot of it was done by Tatsuya Yoshikawa, the main illustrator for Capcom's Breath of Fire series 3-5 and various other Capcom franchises. Though his art may seem lazy at times, he's a really amazingly skilled artist. I'm actually not so fond of the original artist's works of the Phoenix Wright series. The art is nice, but it would make me really happy to see Yoshikawa's art instead.

Though I'm saying all of this, I suppose it doesn't mean that I wouldn't want to play the game if it happened to conveniently fall in my lap. I still really like the AA: Phoenix Wright series and I can't help feeling hopeful that AA: Apollo Justice gets just as awesome once you get further into it.