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Scooby Dooby Doooom

july 19, 2015

Hey guys, I know this is semi-old news, but in case you hadn't heard, Inafune and Comcept are Kickstarting both a game and an anime called Red Ash that sounds and looks very similar to how Megaman Legends was. Even two of the main characters are named Beck and Call in relation to Mighty No.9, similar to Rock and Roll in Megaman Legends and the Megaman series. XD

I know the funding will probably pass, but I'm really disappointed about how little funding and attention they seem to have gotten. >.< The more they're funded, the more content and deeper they both will be. They're only at half their minimum goal for both but it's sad to see that the minimum result of the anime will only be "preproduction and a five minute episode." ;_; The design for both look so great and interesting; I really wish for the best result for both as much as possible. I can't help but to be concerned about the possibility of them not making it to their minimum goal too because this is our chance to have something similar to MML again; if it doesn't make it through, people in the industry might end up thinking "oh, it was a nice idea, but people don't want this type of game anymore." -_- So, if you're a fan of MML and if you hadn't heard of the kickstarters, please check it out and spread the news! =D

I've read that a lot of people are hesitant to backing Red Ash because Mighty No.9 isn't done yet and some are disappointed with how Mighty No.9 ended up looking, but I think Inafune's team has actually done rather well on delivering. The game's come so far and seems well on its road to being done, unlike so many other kickstarter games. o_< I think People need to realize too that this is a real opportunity and important moment in MML successor..ness. I mean, Inafune's team has delivered pretty well so far and it's not like it's odd for a head of a team to juggle multiple projects at once, can't people put faith in him? He hasn't failed us yet. For those who are unhappy with how MightyNo.9 turned out so far, they were probably just expecting a little too much of a different vision of what Inafune had. o_< I really hope the best for Red Ash.~

Back in 2013, Bear and I played Transformers: War of Cybertron; an awesome game brimming with love for the original franchise! XD The game really got us into a Transformers mood so I ended up looking into the more recent entries of the series which at the time was Transfomers Prime. I admit that I wasn't too fond of the idea of having human kids as some of the prominent characters of the cast, nor was I too excited about the lightly Michael-Bay-film-inspired bot designs, especially after being blown away by the amazing G1 inspired character designs of Transformers:WoC, but listening to the musical score on youtube and seeing that the series had won numerous Day Time Emmy awards, I kept it in mind that it was probably something worth giving a chance to watch.

I generally like listening to media with words while drawing portions of the comic, so at times, I'd listen to movies or episodes of TV series' that I've seen before or that I'm curious about. Bear and I got a Netflix account a few months ago so I decided to give Transformers Prime a try and boy am I blown away with it! XD

It's all done so well, the characters, the voice acting, the writing, the story; it's all such a treat! XD The human kids and their relationships with the Autobot cast feels organic and enjoyable; I'm really loving the strong characters. XD The series stands very well on its own for those who's new the franchise, but if you're like me, an 80's kid who grew up with the franchise, there are many little bits of fan service and surprises that'll tickle your nostalgia bone. XD

For those who are fans of the older Transformers series, the Traditional characters we love are still as they've always been; Megatron is still relentless and arrogant and Starscream is still his plotting and devious, power hungery second in command. I admit that I'm still a little disappointed that Soundwave doesn't look anything close to his iconic bulky G1 self, nor does he talk, but it's still an a pretty cool take on him. =)

Even though I wasn't so much into the character designs at first, they've grown on me. I've actually come to feel that the designs are very fitting for who the characters are as individuals, and even though there may be some influence from the awful bot designs of the mainstream movies, at least they lean more on the more simpler side so the characters are recognizable and can express emotions (which is very well done might I add. XD).

The series has really gotten me back into a Transormers mood, I've even recently gotten back into the habit of imagining every day vehicles on the road as full scale robots and am kinda wanting to get a toy of one of the characters. XD If you're a Transformers fan and haven't checked the series out yet, I really suggest giving Transformers Prime a whirl.~ =D

Scooby Dooby Doooom

july 19, 2015

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