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It seems pretty often in our MMO travels that we find someone that has an attitude about the little baubles or other external indicators that they've acquired on their journey; somehow believing that these things have some sort of significance or that we should somehow be impressed. It's somewhat similar to the idea that your possessions are somehow a sign of your value as a person. I'm sorry, but while those external things may be impressive, how are we to know what means you acquired them by? Anyone can reach the end of a game if they were carried through it, just in the same way that someone that hasn't may prove to be exceptionally skilled.

As you may be well aware by now, dear reader, we are still in a big Final Fantast 14 kick, which is great because it seems to be a wellspring of ideas and social interactions Pie and I were sorely in need of. I'd even go so far as to say that we've finally found our new MMO home after so long of wandering, destitute of all the nourishment that only a thriving community in an interesting and fun online world can provide. Ahh...home sweet virtual home.

You're Dragoon on Me

may 3, 2015