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Pie and I have been playing the Orc Must Die duology of games and have been having sublime sessions with both games! Combining strategy, tower defense and brutal trap combos into a 3rd person shooter is so exhilarating and enjoyable that we've been trying to squeeze in as much time as we can with it. Even though we've burned through the normal mode on each game, we're really looking forward to going back and trying to hone our strategies on certain levels, trying to maximize our combo chains, killing streaks and attempting nightmare mode.

The first game was great fun with a lot of neat stage designs. I actually think I enjoy the stage designs for the first game more, but nothing can really compare to the co-op introduced in part 2. Instead of taking turns on stages and having a backseat collaborator, we get to, very frantically, devise a strategy between waves of monsters hoping that we will be able to adapt and place the appropriate instruments of demise in their correct configurations, all while time ticks down. Even the most carefully crafted plan can be completely invalidated from the tension of performing in a narrow time window, creating this edginess that make the whole experience so supremely rewarding when you can keep the orcs at bay.

Pie and I are starting to get pretty hyped about WildStar being released next week; well, for headstart access, at least. I blogged about it well over a year ago when information started flooding out and it's been on our radar since 2001 and we're ecstatic that the agonizing wait is finally about over! Happy days, happy days!

We were lucky enough to get into the beta around Thanksgving but we couldn't talk about it because of the NDA, which has since been lifted. I have to admit that I was put off by how easy it was when we played; it was a huge letdown. After some research though, we found that the beta prior to our arrival was tested as being overtuned and, by the time we got in, a large section of the beta testers were already commenting that the content was too easy on this go-round. I made a few reports based on my experience and decided to hold off on playing it in hopes that Carbine would do as they so famously state and listen to their community.

When we got back in during the March closed betas, we were quite happy that things had been well tuned and even starting areas had a good amount of grit to them. Even some of the optional overworld enemies are downright brutal and best taken down with a team. It seems Carbine understands that a game with no tension is boring...hopefully they can stick to their hardcore mentality going forward. Everything looks pretty solid with how they've carried themselves, but like most other MMO developers, we have to be a bit wary as it will be the first months and even year that they've got to make it through to see if they can stick to their guns.

ALSO! Can you believe that this is our 200th comic!?! AAAANNNND we are only 2 weeks away from Life in Aggro's FOUR YEAR ANNIVASRY?! We're just going to combine the two milestones into one event and celebrate it now!!! **kazzzzzzooooooo sounds** THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND READERSHIP!!! Here is to all the wonderful laughs and adventures we have to come!

Mean Green Smithereens

may 23, 2014