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And here we are at last! It's been a labor of love of love and a lot more work than we originally anticipated (what isn't - we are bad at time estimation lol), but we finally come to the conclusion of Qu's Quest! It should be obvious that we have a lot of love for Journey, a game perhaps better classified as an experience. It was a rather fun challenge, especially considering Journey condenses communication with others into subtle nuances and a "voice bubble" of random symbols. Pie and I enjoyed working within the constraints though, it was fun and it felt good to break away from our usual format to try our hands at a story comic.

What we found especially compelling about Journey was how each person you interacted with could be conveyed differently, allowing you to imagine traits of the person sharing this experience with you. There are numerous other comics that have covered Journey before and they usually focus on a sole connection with one other person. When Pie and I first played it, we had over 3 companions and it was quite obvious from their actions that we were playing with more than 1 other soul. How each person acts is up to anyone's interpretation and quite radically alters what you take away from the experience.

Therein lies the fascinating power of Journey; it can be an unexpectedly unique experience that is powerfully delivered. You could ascend the mountain alone and wonder at the beauty, travel with a companion and become annoyed by their presence or heartbroken by their separation or just goof around and get lost. Just like life, the past experiences, relationships, and preconceptions you carry with you shape your reality and how you interpret the journey.

Pie and I hope you all enjoyed the comic and we're looking forward to getting back to the lulz next week! See you then!