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Cute? Yeah, well looks can be deceiving.

When the last Humble Bundle worked its way around the net, Pie and I were quick to pick it up as it was too tantalizing to miss. Legend of Grimrock caught my attention as an old school western RPG dungeon crawler, and I was excited to share this style of game with Pie since she missed out on so many PC games. Even I have had limited exposure since the only other games I've played in a similar style were the two Elvira games published by Accolade eons ago.

One of the great things about Grimrock is that it lets you create your character sheets with the stats and abilities that you want to start with alongside the race and profession of your character. Additionally, you can add in your own custom avatars if you are so inclined, and Pie and I had a lot of fun creating a team comprised of ourselves and our two companions, Wobbles, the star of this week's comic, and Sauce Jr., featured here in the blog so as not to leave him out.

Actually, his cuteness is pretty stunning.
Since we didn't want to get too invested in creating custom characters, we just quickly chose some avatars from a couple of our favorite games and started building a story based on that. Wobbles is based off of the awesome Quackum robot pet in Dragon Nest and Sauce Jr. is based off of a Savage Bebe in Ragnarok Online. Since Pie and I were little more than meat shields for them, they ended up dishing out most of the punishment. We were having a lot of good laughs thinking about just how devastating the two of them were and how unassuming they must have been to all the foes they felled.

Having that tiny bit of customization really adds so much to the charm we had with Grimrock. It is so simple, but it added a lot of flavor and imagination, not to mention attachment to our overall experience.