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The Power Within

may 18, 2012

The other night, Pie couldn't fall asleep and was perplexed at what sort of mystery could be preventing her much needed slumber. Perhaps her mind was racing with ideas for comics? Maybe visions of Mesmer's danced in her head where sheep should be jumping instead? It wouldn't be uncommon for her to stay up thinking about skill builds, after all.

No, it would seem that Pie was in need of a minimum of 3 blankets, else she may have very well transformed into a human Popsicle. I'd like to say that we were on a trip up to the mountains, perhaps in some nice cabin or cave, to bask in whatever snow might be left before the summer fully sets in. That, however, was not the case. Of course, with weather as extreme as 68 Fahrenheit, it should have been obvious. Silly me.

Now logic would dictate that if you are cold and can't sleep, you would take action. But what if you don't know you are cold? The great thing about all of this is that I may have no idea how her body works, nor will I ever claim I do, but at least I can rest comfortably knowing that she has about as much of a clue as I do.

The Power Within

may 18, 2012

Pie and I had a major financial emergency on Friday that left us with no money, taking away our next two months of living expenses. We're fine physically and everything and our spirits are doing okay, now that it's been a couple days. It was a very sudden loss, and we've been running around trying to get situated and to get money as quickly as possible just so we have food to eat, let alone rent and stuff due soon... (luckily we have some food at the house, so we aren't going hungry yet)

Even though the store isn't quite finished, I need to launch a temp one very soon just to get as much money as we can as quickly as possible. I can't tell you how stressful this has been for us >_< I'll be posting a proper blog post about it as soon as I have the temp store launched.

Might have to skip this week's comic too....we've been in no position to work on it. Sorry guys -.- More news to come as soon as I can. Thanks for your support!

Pie and I are doing well and things are mostly okay, sorry if we worried anyone and thanks for your concern. We've been working constantly since mid-Friday trying to get things back together and, yes, we had to skip the comic entry for this week after all.

So here's the deal. We are in huge need of some tender loving financial care. Pie and I have exhausted about every possible option for sustaining ourselves and since stable freelance work has faded ages ago, our situation has been tight. About a year ago, we made the decision to pursue Life in Aggro solely with all of our gusto and see how far we could take it. Somehow we've been able to get this far, but as of last Friday, there is nothing left for us other than making Life in Aggro successful enough to support us.

As I said before, this crisis totally caught us off guard and I really hate to ask for donations, but as Steve Jobs famously said, real artists ship. To that extent, we have a temp store to help us fundraise. The truth of the matter is though; we won't be able to get there without your help. It really doesn't have to be much; if we can convince enough of you to chip in a total of $2,200 a month, Pie and I can squeeze by. If we get more, we can even buy some games and grow a bit.

So yeah! You should so totally check out the store. SERIOUSLY. THE STORRRRRRE. We have more goodies on the way, so check back later as I propagate awesomness.

Want this high-res wallpaper? Make a purchase or donation and we'll send you a copy!

Also, if you want to help but only have a little bit of cash, please also consider donating to us here.

All purchases in the store and donations of $1 or more will get an awesome wallpaper of the picture preview you see to the right.

Thank you again so much for your support everyone. Working on Life in Aggro is incredibly, amazingly rewarding and it's something that Pie and I want to work on for a long time to come. So please, check out our shirts and comic prints, we've been working really hard to make them as awesome as possible =D

Finally, since Pie and I are incredibly, stupidly busy, please, please spread the word to as many people as you can who might be interested in our comics or merch. Reddit, dA, Facebook really do help get our names out there. It really helps a LOT and thank you again for all of the support- it isn't lost on us.



june 1, 2012

There will be a comic this week and we should be back on track again, though this entry will be posted by early Saturday morning. Sorry for the interruption and thanks for your patience.

Also! We are having a 20% off sale on all prints and 15% off all print packs at our store. The discounts get applied at checkout, so don't let the prices fool you. We also added an option to add your favorite comics from the archive as well as a create-your-own 5-pack. We also tweaked the shipping prices to be as cheap as we could possibly barter with the post people for.

Sorry for the sloppy launch last week, things have been a bit crazy. Anyways, check it out! =)