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Well, I never wanted nor intended to turn Life in Aggro into a trans comic, but I suppose that the autobio nature of it will make certain elements of my transness percolate to the surface...not to say this will be frequent, but chances are good these will come up from time to time. I suppose the fact that I've been playing games less frequently and spending more time focusing on living my life has to do with it too.... I hope you all can enjoy/endure some of these more trans-related comics when they do pop up~

Hormone therapy has been insane in all of the ways that it has changed my life, least of which are all the wonderful physical changes! One of the most unexpected ways in which it changed me was opening up my sexuality to fact, it has kiiiiinda become an obsession. >.> I suppose it makes sense since I tended to prefer a heterosexual intimacy dynamic prior to transition, but finding out I identify as a woman put a whole new spin on a past preference where I had previously identified as male. And that's not to say anything regarding my relationship with fact, our intimate life is far better now too! So I think what it boiled down to is that, really, the transition has broadened my horizons in various wonderful ways, sexuality included.

I think another part of the attraction is the fact that reinforcing the gender dynamic is very affirming. Going through transition, there is already a lot of personal hangups about how well you pass, if people are going to clock you (figure out you are trans), and internal insecurities about if you are delusional, crazy, perverted... or a molotov cocktail of those and other concerns. Of course, that stems from a internalized transphobia and are the self-defeating things that we say to ourselves that only really prevent us from finding happiness. Having moments like these, where a simple gesture of just simply being seen as your preferred gender is remarkably powerful...the affirmation of self, and the arduous life path taken, make the harrowing journey worthwhile.

Finally, I wanted to say that going through hormone therapy It is often likened to going through a second puberty, and I feel that is extremely apt. Not only is your body getting used to fluctuating hormone levels but your entire physiology is changing to adapt to your new body chemistry. Remarkable changes happen in how emotional, physical, mental and sensory stimuli impact you and how you negotiate and relate to the world around you. In addition, not being conditioned as the gender you identify as, you have to adapt to new social rules and norms that you weren't as intimately privy to before. This may result in gaffes as you learn how to navigate, which may be just as embarrassing as this comic is >.>