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Thank you everyone for your support and warm messages on facebook; I'm really happy to have read your understanding words. My grandfather ended up passing before my plane landed in Taiwan and though it was a very sad time for my family, we were all really glad that he was able to pass peacefully, happily, and with family; it happened in the best way I can possibly imagine. He just turned ninety-seven this past winter too and when I lived nearby, he was often saying how happy he was; he lived a long, healthy, and positive life. I think as a great grandfather, he was probably pretty mentally prepared for when the time was to come.

A lot of my family had flown out to Taiwan for the occasion, most who I haven't seen in person or talked to in several years. We held my grandfather's funeral on March 25th which, again, though it was sad, was pretty good at the same time; there was a lot of focus on the positives of his life which was both moving and inspirational.

The two weeks I was there were packed and busy. Aside from the cremation service and during the funeral ceremony, my family, for the most part, was pretty lively and cheery; it's something I'm sure my grandfather really would have wanted. The family worries however about how my grandmother will be doing from now on.

I'm very grateful to have been able to make this trip. I've missed my family for a long time. Thank you again guys for being understanding and supportive. =)