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Pie and I are extremely fortunate in many ways and one such was is that we have the luxury of having a number of skilled friends to play FF XIV with! Often times I would remark at how easy some of the dungeons are, especially when we don't run on minimum item level sync, and a favorite retort of the group is that "Yeah, well, we all know what we're doing. Imagine playing with people who don't".

But to me, that's the whole reason I want to be part of a group!! I don't want to have aggravating play experiences and I want the game time I do get in to feel meaningful and fulfilling; to spend time with friends, get a dungeon run in here and there and enjoy our time. I want difficulty to come from the game being challenging not the group being so. Of course, not everyone has that luxury and are forced to rely on playing with Pick Up Groups. It's almost a rite of passage to any MMO player and if you don't have at least a few horrible war stories to tell your friends, you probably aren't really playing the game.

The more limited play time that Pie and I get affords us a greater sense of making our time more meaningful to us. I suppose that theme has been circling around my head for a long while now; to make sure that what I do has meaning. Spending time cultivating an online community or building relationships with people has always felt very fulfilling and meaningful to me, as does helping to create a comic I hope others enjoy, but then it's incredibly hard to preserve a sense of worth in those things, at least at present.

For those curious, by the way, I did go to seek help as I mentioned before; strangely things took a different course than expected and I have a re-visit scheduled soon. I'm still searching for answers and will continue doing so; thanks again for all your patience with our slower update schedule lately, we both appreciate it immensely <3

A Pug, A Pie, A Predicament

september 18, 2015