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As Pie and I become ever more invested into Final Fantasy 14, we've come to one clear conclusion; the only thing greater than getting lost in the frenzy is to drag others along into your insanity. Madness loves company, and we are nothing if not accommodating hosts for our addictive milieu. Of course, certain friend have real life obligations and we understand just means we need to go to extraordinary lengths to convince them that being online for our reindeer games shan't be neglected!

I've mentioned on a couple occasions that the community we've been fortunate to come across on our server (Siren, for those wondering) has been astonishingly good spirited and kindly. As we've gotten further and further entrenched into building our troupe, the levels at which we have been attracting like-minded individuals have been amplified by several degrees. This is always an exciting time for me because seeing the community blossom is invigorating; having first hand experience of how real life friendships, and sometimes even relationships, can form in a community of people that share a similar passion is always so heartwarming! It certainly is the biggest draw to playing an MMO for me, so I'm quite thankful we finally found a new home to take root in.

I suppose too that it's always fascinated me the dynamic that forms with online interpersonal relationships; there is so much more freedom in how you can engage with other people by removing all the troublesome, fleshy concerns. By having the security of anonymity, people are able to break down barriers, external and internal alike, allowing for more honest engagements that may not otherwise be possible. In many ways, it's as if souls get to meet in a more natural setting, removed from judgment or pretense; not having to concern themselves with obstacles that may be present in life.

In that way, the interaction feels so much more authentic because people can be connected in a more natural way, allowing minds and souls to dance with one another based solely on the beauty found within. Knowing the power of the connections that can be formed, can you really blame us for using all methods available to suck people into the never-ending happiness void? Neverrrrrr.....

Till Death Do Us Party

may 24, 2015