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Dagun Isle

july 4, 2014

Bear and I've been playing some Wildstar and I'm happy to say that we've been really enjoying it! =D I admit that the beginning felt kinda light because of its low difficulty and linearity, but what can you really expect for the beginning of an MMO? At least it eases you into mechanics and systems during the meantime. Getting past the level six zones is where the gameplay starts getting interesting because you start running into mobs that can do serious damage, thus requiring you to step up your game. Once you're able to access the level 14 zones, things start to really open up.

The level 14+ maps are HUGE; there are so many things you can do! Bosses and mini-bosses are almost a regular, there are tons of quests, path quests, nodes to farm and small discoveries to make! One thing I kinda had to learn while playing Wildstar was to not get obsessed with accepting and completing every quest you come accross. There are so many quests and quest chains, it's easy to be overwhelmed. Bear and I've taken a very "romping" take to the game; we generally run around and just do quests for areas that we think might be interesting. It's a great freeing change from playing the "quest-check-list" game. The quests are also split into categories like "world quests" and "zone quests" that have a chain or overall story, and there are "tasks" which are pretty much the "help various npc" quests that don't seem to go much further than its completion. It's nice to have them clearly categorized so you can set your priorities if you're more into story.

One thing that Bear and I am really happy about the game is the ability to venture into higher level zones and still have a fighting chance! We put together a four person party and ventured into a zone six levels higher. It was really tough, but we killed things! XD The zone pretty much turned into a world dungeon for us! Fun stuff~ =)

Though we still haven't gotten very far in-game, we're really looking forward to seeing what else the game has to offer. =) It kinda reminds me of when Bear and I first started playing WoW in that I can see myself sticking with and revisiting it for a long time~

Dagun Isle

july 4, 2014


Otter Exodus

june 27, 2014

Hey guys! Pie and I had to take a break this week to toil away on side projects, such as attaching otters onto other otters for ontological and odd(ter) reasons. We shall return otterly ready with a new comic onslaught on the 4th of July!

In the meantime, enjoy some of the recent commissions Pie has been working on lately. Click any of them for the large versions.

P.S. Commission slots will be open SOON! GET HYPED!!!

Click for large.

See you guys next week, otterly outfitted! <3