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Have you ever had a mind-numbingly boring job? You know the type. Those jobs where if you mess around playing games all night and go to work the next morning, your body will likely fall into a state of involuntary hibernation. This is especially true of cubicle jobs, where you may be lulled into a false sense of security felt from the pseudo-defense that your plastic barricade can save you from the prying eyes of supervisors.

You sit there pouring over countless number or words. Things start to blend together and your body starts to relax. Your posture slumps a bit as you sink into the chair and your eyelids decide that now is as good a time as any to shut. Then before you know it, you lose control of some or many limbs for a couple seconds, and woop! There go your arms as they fly off the keyboard. Or, whoop! Your head is now much more intimately familiar with your desk surface. You muscles so kindly jerk you back into position as you groggily remember you are trying to get work done.

Of course, if the job is so boring as to induce sleepy tears, it is probably best to find another line of work. I'm sure it's for everyone's best interest if your lack of discipline leads to poor decision making which could be frowned on by the people.

Oh hey! Did you know we will be making our first con appearance next weekend?! Come check us out at AM2 at Table A4 on Friday 6/15 or Saturday 6/16 (sorry, we won't be there Sunday).

Stop on by, say hi, and laugh as we struggle, mostly in vain, to try and fit in with society. Below is the map on where to find us!

Juggling Discipline

june 8, 2012