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I really don't have anything much to say about this comic other than I think Pie and I revel in the fact that we are at the tail end of all trends possible.

I think for anyone who grew up in the 80s, it's hard not to be nostalgic about what seemed to be the golden age of gaming. Experiencing the NES and SNES as kids was just such an amazing experience. I hate the idea of being stuck in the past though because I love to see new games and ideas coming to life. I do however like to poke fun at the fact that we often times dig up games for comic ideas that are sometimes over a decade old. I think the quote at the top of the site pretty much sums up how I feel about being "relevant". Maybe we are late to the party? Maybe we missed it all together? Hell, maybe we weren't even invited; whatever the case, we're gonna have fun no matter what.

I'll keep it short and instead post some pictures of our shirts that are fresh off the printers, from the wonderful folks at Forward Printing. For those wondering, we will have quite a number of spares if you missed out on our Kickstarter campaign and an avenue for purchasing them will hopefully be conjured up by the 8-bit programming monkeys soon. We refilled the stock of bananas and Red Bull from the site overhaul and they should be able to figure out some way of exchanging your sweet cash for our comfy goods.

Also, after the pictures, check out the first of the commission pictures from Pie. It's a piece we call Acorn Justice done for one of our fabulous backers and friends, Mara. She wanted to deliver to her brother a Squirrel Army fit to any task he saw fit and I hope we were able to deliver on the front line of glorious battle. You can see the small version below or check out a higher res copy here.

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march 30, 2012