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My mind wanders easily. Many times in cut scenes, I will be thinking about dialogue alterations that are suitable for my enjoyment. I try to keep quiet so not to ruin the story for Pie, but ends in spectacular failure often. Today's comic is one such example of how my mind rearranges and realigns as it sees fit. I have to rely on Pie to educate me on how events progress in games because in 5 years time I will remember this as the natural course.

We finished FF13 about a month ago; Pie mentioned it in one of her blog posts. I actually thought the game was pretty good, overall. I left feeling satisfied which was surprising considering I didn't expect much from it going in. The battles were easily the biggest draw, with a focus on overseeing them instead of micro-managing each action per character. I found myself having fun optimizing my timing for paradigm shifts to ensure proper skill execution and strategizing on how to maximize battle efficiency.

Many people criticize the lack of towns but honestly good riddance. If you aren't going to bother making NPCs in towns meaningful in the first place, why bother having them? So often town NPCs are there to prattle on about things that don't add to the game. They don't really give you any sense of wonder or immersion; they talk about crap like "I hope it isn't going to rain", "That cactuar juice tore up my throat and gave me the runs" or "My chocobo is in heat and sprayed my boyfriend". What does that seriously do for the game?

I've been very excited lately because our shirts and hoodies are off at the printers right now, just waiting to be made. If you were a backer, I posted the full story on our progress there. There were some difficulties getting going but we finally cleared that up. One thing that came of it all was a re-design for the Gas Prices print. Below is the new design, which I am pretty happy with; I think the halftones give the cars a more interesting look and the design has more depth to it as well.