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We Need Your Help!

january 13, 2012

1/17/12: Kickstarter Successful! THANK YOU!!!
Pledges are still accepted and greatly appreciated until the project ends in: FOUR (4) DAYS

If you want to reserve a pledge package, including commissions, but can't pledge before the deadline, please e-mail me with what you want and we'll reserve it for you.

Hey all! Before you enjoy this week's comic, we are getting down to the wire on our Kickstarter project, and we could really use the help getting a bit more backing to make sure we get passed the finish line! We can't extend the deadline or change the amount, so if this doesn't go through, we can't make our shirts & hoodies.

Now, I don't like to have too many "calls to action" around here, but this is the time where we can use it the most. In a year and a half, this is the first and only time we've ever asked for reader support. We have no other way to support ourselves other than to sell shirts, so if you value our work, please hook us up and get your pledge on; you even get stuff in return!

By doing so, you allow us to continue our work, making the best stuff we possibly can and you get the warm and fuzzy feeling of knowing you helped a crazy couple that hopefully makes you smile and laugh =) Not to mention our undying gratitude and strength to keep delivering our best. You all are the reason we can do what we do, so thank you for everything you have given us. I can't wait to repay your kindness with comics, shirts and love.

CLICK HERE to be taken to our Kickstarter Project page!! Pledge and get some cool stuff in return.

Tricks Are For Kids

january 13, 2012

We just posted this to our Kickstarter and you can read more about it there, but we are now offering all garments in WHITE, even the two zip-up hoodies.

Thank you SO much everyone, you guys are beyond AWESOME and we LOVE you!