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Wow. It's finally here and I can hardly believe it. I started talking about getting a Kickstarter project going to make shirts many months back. We actually posted our first proposed design on August 10th, and I started visiting shirt printers all the way back in June. Including the time when I started researching shirts, it was probably an incubation period of 7-8 months! Crazy.

But, all that hard work is about to pay off as we launch this awesome Kickstarter campaign. We have learned so much about shirt making and I am extremely confident in how awesome these shirts will come out. Surely they will be shirts for the ages!

So, now that we had you wait a couple days for this; check out all that we have for you!!
A five minute Kickstarter video complete with voice over!
Some banners to the Kickstarter!
An awesome new Zelda: Skyward Sword shirt design, entitled "Endless Quest"!!! (scroll down)
More to come when I've rested from this 40 hour

I can gush on and on about how proud we are to be at this point. I can't tell you just how grateful we both are to have a readership and people who value our work. We are very fortunate to have the support of you, our fans, friends and family who come back and read our comics, share them with friends and even post about us online in forums, social network and sharing sites.

Over the past 18 months, we've experienced many amazing things. Our readership has steadily increased; we've seen people take the time to link back to us and speak positively of our works; we've gotten fan mails; we've been graciously linked to by big gaming sites Joystiq, Screw Attack and even Kotaku; and we've had people encourage and thank us for what we are doing. That sort of support fundamentally changes you. It makes you humble and you begin to develop a reverence for those people. Even those who are sharply critical of you; you start to think about how their words help strengthen you, tempering you and increasing your desire to improve. You start to get an idea on how to be a better creator, artist, and even person. And we are thankful for every single aspect of it from the very core of our beings. So as we launch this, our first and most vital Kickstarter, let me take the time to thank each and every one of you. Thank you.

Without your support, we would fall. Without your readership, we would lose heart. Without your criticism, we would stagnate. Without your encouragement, we would lose ourselves to doubt. So once again; THANK YOU.


Will Work for Empanadas

december 20, 2011

The time has finally come for us to bring forth the results of months of hard work. As many of you know, we've been planning for our kickstarter campaign for a really long time; it definitely took much longer than we (or at least I) expected, but the extra time we spent finding great quality materials, optimal production options, and making the video has given us confidence and an overall positive feeling that we've done what we can to deliver a quality kickstarter presentation offering quality merchandise at reasonable prices. I feel a bit of an anxiety at the thought of the mountain of work we're going to have to do to complete and distribute rewards, but at least it'll be interesting. XD It's been really great working on this project with Bear and it's exciting to think of all the things we can do once we finally get our store open!

It's definitely been a learning experience designing for shirt production; we kinda jumped right into it without doing enough research in the beginning resulting in us having to do a number of tweaks to some and having to completely scrap the Ghost Trick shirt for now. I'm happy that I feel that we've gotten better at designing from learning our printing limitations and seeing what works and what doesn't through experimentation. I'm looking forward to working with Bear in designing more cool swag for you all! =D

As Bear mentioned above, we are very grateful and thankful to all of you who've been following us, reading our work, and supporting us as we strive to improve, grow, and ready ourselves to make better things. I think Bear's much better at words than I am and what he said is very much how I feel too, but from words from my own heart: Thank you; all of you!~

I've been craving lately to play an action game with RPG elements in which you "grow" your own character. T-T In the past, this would probably be the time for me to pull out the ol' Phantasy Star Online, but honestly speaking, I don't know if I can go back to that game again. Aside from not actually HAVING the game anymore since I moved in with Bear (lol), I'd rather experience something fresh and new and to have the amazing experience of first-time discovery. Terraria fulfills my craving to an extent, but not quite lately since we've barely even touched the game since last week. I've only really been able to hop on a few times this week minutes at a time just to swing my sword at passerby zombies. =x *sigh* My craving to play Terraria has fizzled out a quite a bit lately. I think it's mostly due to the mentality that we just haven't had the time to goof off and be lazy, but I'm still really looking forward to continuing Bear and my gaming adventure. =)

Another craving (HUGE craving) I've been having lately ever since Thanksgiving has been for some hot fruit-like PIE, CAKE, or other sweet desert-like pastry! >.< We went to a friend's house Thanksgiving night and had some AMAZING food; stuff I just can't get out of my mind! @_@ Our friend made some mind blowing home-made cheese cake and carrot cake and his sister in law made some awesome yam empanadas. I've been up in the middle of the night days afterwards just thinking about the meal and its desserts just thinking about how much I wanted more. lol It's TERRIBLE! I don't mean to discredit our friend's family's home made Thanksgiving feast by not emphasizing it as much as its desserts; it too was completely amazing and would make me very ecstatic to have again, but I think I'm stuck with a sweet tooth craving.


Introducing Endless Quest

december 20, 2011

Pie and I are very proud to reveal our fourth T-shirt design, based on Zelda: Skyward Sword - Endless Quest.

Please note that the Sand version of Endless Quest is NOT available in a ladies T.

Make sure know...pick up one or 10 at our awesome little Kickstarter project that you see us pimping out around the block.