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Sheep is Over

august 13, 2011

A few weeks back I talked about my excitement for the upcoming puzzle game from Atlus, Catherine. Through some magical time-warped birthday gift, Pie and I received it mysteriously in the mail. Let me tell you something boys and girls – those birthdays come in handy! Apparently you can stock pile them, cashing them in at a later date and time. That or this gift came from the future... in which case I guess I have to somehow miss a future birthday in exchange. Oh well, having a long life expectancy is so over rated.

So, in my scant off time, I have been playing through and enjoying myself quite a bit! The game has a great narrative and atmosphere, and some seriously good music. The stage designs are fun, the pacing is quick, and some of the levels made my brain overload under the strain –overall it is just a breath of fresh air. Check it out if you get a chance because Atlus deserves some love for this gem.

I'm going to make today's post pretty short since we have a lot on our plate right now. If you missed our Wednesday update, go check out the shirt design we have coming up here soon. We are pretty happy with it and are really looking forward to getting these babies in your hands.

Pie and I are very excited and we both hope it shows in how LiA is progressing! Thanks for reading and being patient with us. Enjoy the weekend all!

P.S. Make sure to check the mysteries today, Boxer Hockey is an awesome comic and that link is full of win. How many people did Ren and Stimpy influence anyways?! Las cucarachas entran, pero no pueden salir.

Sheep is Over

august 13, 2011

So we SORT of have a bonus stage this week! Pie and I have been working on something that has been a long time coming – MERCHANDISE and SWAG!! Today I am making our first reveal and I must say that Pie and I are both super excited to finally get to this point. So without further adieu, we're very proud to introduce our first T-Shirt design:

Minor Inconvenience based on Gaming the System

Although this design and the one forthcoming is pretty much pulled right off of the comics, we had to rebuild the art from the ground up and stylize them to be as cool as we could. We wanted to make our first shirts were designs we wanted to wear and something we hope you all will find to be really cool.

So of course the big question is: WHEN CAN I BUY THIS SHROUD OF AWESOMENESS?! Well, keep checking back to the thoughts post as I will be updating our progress. We just finished the minor inc. design, are almost complete with the next design, and are nearly settled on a printer. Within a week we will be sending off the graphic files to the shirt company to do our first proofs. As soon as we get the results and are happy, we will announce it here!

I have to say, the last couple months have been packed full of learning and stretching ourselves to our limits. It has been exhausting, fun, nerve-racking and full of joy. I finally feel that we "earned" the right to produce LiA merchandise – I know that may sound silly to some, but to be honest I really felt that we needed to cut our teeth on the whole creation process before we did this. It comes at a good time too because to be honest, my body is getting a little upset at me for feeding it so much dry dog food...

Also, we have an extended comic (similar to It's Burger Time!) coming this week featuring Catherine! The comic will likely be posted Saturday morning due to its size, but we will be pushing to get it done as fast as possible. Stay tuned and enjoy the week everyone!