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Apocalyptic Tatts

november 4th-ish, 2011

You know, looking back at the last month, it's pretty obvious we've been on a quite the dark streak. We're getting rather good at turning beloved silent protagonists into objects of seething hatred, that if nothing else our skills in creating villains may just be improving.

Today we pay homage to Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, which is one of those unique RPGs I completely missed out on. One of my close friends was into it pretty heavily, and my interest certainly was piqued, but sadly I never had the time. Pie has played it and would like to write about it if we weren't having so much trouble just publishing on time. We really appreciate everyone's patience in our "sometime" during the day posting schedule while we are in our growth phase from adapting to the twice weekly setup. Did I mention we have a convenient RSS feed now that magically delivers our update times into your feeding apparatus of choice? It's true!

I'm gonna be a punk again today and sign off early for this thoughts post. Tons of stuff in the works and time is a precious commodity. Have a great weekend and don't forget about Daylight Savings Time on Sunday.

P.S. Good lord...I am NOT funny when I'm tired; someone must have performed a funectomy on me while I was passing out at the computer. Daylight Savings time...did I really just post that?

Jebus save me.

Apocalyptic Tatts

november 4, 2011