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Anything That Moves

september 28, 2011

This Wednesday's comic was inspired by the game House of the Dead Overkill for the Wii and PS3, mainly from an article and trailer we found of the extended cut version that lists "more strippers" as one of the featured additions to the game.

We haven't played House of the Dead Overkill, but I used to be interested in the first one when I saw it in arcades as a kid and my brother and I used to enjoy playing the second one on our Dreamcast. It was a fun rail shooter with a variety of enemies (not just zombies), interesting bosses, and one of my favorite aspects of the game- branching stage paths. The game had a lot of replay value because though taking different paths ultimately brought you to the same stage boss, they were fun to find, trigger, and experience. I admit too that another thing that added to the fun was the very corny voice acting. I don't think it was intentional because it seemed to be a problem that plagued many video games at the time, but I suppose that since most arcade games had corny voice acting, it made the game feel that much more arcade-style and it really lightened up the mood.

I think it's interesting that as a zombie shooter, instead of taking the "creepy music" or ambience route in sound direction, House of the Dead Overkill seems to play somewhat jazzy and upbeat music accompanied by occasional comedic banter between the characters you're playing; seems fun that they choose to not take it too seriously. XD Watching some of the gameplay footage reminds me of how much I liked playing rail shooting games with my brother and makes me want to check it out.


Pushing Boundries

september 28, 2011

I wonder what Sega really has in mind when they decided to feature zombie strippers as a prominent feature of House of the Dead Overkill? I mean damn - I know sex sells but I had no idea that it crossed the line all the way into the afterlife.

Guy 1: Oh man! Did you see the breasts on that zombie stripper!
Guy 2: The ones that were kinda falling off and popping out of her bra from flesh decay?! HELLS YEAH I DID.
Guy 1: That was so hot!!

This has been quite a busy, fun and exciting week for Pie and me. First I wanted to mention that Life in Aggro was nominated for Kotaku's Sunday Comics article that features 10 set gamer-centric comics weekly for their audience. Quite pleasantly and unexpectedly, we were also featured in Screw Attack's newest Saturday Strips comic article. In addition to occasionally being featured on Joystiq's Webcomic article, LiA has been making its rounds around the web and we've been flattered, excited, honored and humbled to be recognized. It certainly invigorates both Pie and I to keep aiming to get better and delivering the best we possibly can!

In other exciting news, as I mentioned Pie and I got our sample shirts for the Gas Prices design in the mail last week. I wore it the other day when I went to go to dinner with my dad and the waitress who was serving us read the shirt and laughed!! Oh man... being able to actually SEE someone laugh from something that Pie and I created was so awesome! It was so much positive energy and reinforcement between this event and the webcomic articles that it made me think just how blessed and lucky we are to be doing something we are very passionate and joyful doing. I do feel a lot of pressure to deliver, but it is a great pressure to have.

Speaking of delivery, that brings me to the last point of my post. Even though we are posting on Wednesday's and Friday's now, most of the time it comes in during the late evening of both days. We may as well say Thursday and Saturday at this point, because at least then it would be there at the beginning of the day. I refuse to do so though because Wednesday and Friday are our goals and I desperately want to meet that goal. Even though it is one day off, it's been an extraordinary challenge to push up even one day, but we'll get there.

As always, thanks for your patience, support and readership! See you Friday (evening)... >_>

Anything That Moves

september 28, 2011