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Ruling the Roost

july 22, 2011

This week's comic is based on the console game series Tenchu in which you usually take on the role of ninjas Rikimaru or Ayame; both characters having separate but interweaving stories. The game flow is split into missions which you are told to get from "point A" to "point B," beat an occasional boss, and survive. Each stage is littered with numerous enemies and/or innocent bystanders and you're encouraged to avoid direct confrontations of either. The game is all about being stealthy, be it just slipping by unnoticed or taking down other ninjas before they know what's happened. You're ranked in each stage and from your mastery of stealth you can gain new items and ninja skills to make yourself even more "ninja!" It's a really cool game. =)

I only actually played a bit of part three and didn't get very far, but I've seen my brother play a lot of it and we used to play co-op missions together. XD It's very fun! One thing that I think really makes the series stand out is how it's generally not meant to be a fighting game. You CAN fight all the enemies I suppose, but I personally don't think the fighting mechanics are really that great and you really don't get anything out of it aside from using up your low stock of healing items; it's kind of like having a shoot out with every single guard you come across in Metal Gear Solid. '_'

The concept of this comic came from something my brother and I used to do for fun in-game. You can acquire a skill or item that allows you to make an animal sound. The sound makes it so that when enemies haven't spotted you, but are being cautious for intruders, using the skill will cause them to think "it" was just an animal, causing them to go about their business. There's a stage in the third game where a group of guards is hanging out around a light. My brother would stealth, drop a bomb in the center of them and then hide. The bomb would explode hitting all the guards and putting them in a "caution mode," which my brother would follow up with an animal call. One of the guards would say "Oh, it was just a dog." and all the guards would go back to hanging around the light as if nothing happened. XD Funny stuff. =)

I highly recommend Tenchu 3 for the PS2 if you're curious in trying out something really Japanese and like the idea of playing a stealth game. XD Another title I highly recommend for fans of espionage game play is Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones. Though the game is far from having anything to do with ninjas, it is one of the most ninja-esque games I've ever seen or played; It's kinda like playing Tenchu, but with awesome acrobatics and wall running. XD -another simply amazing game overall! =)

Huzzah! Going into this I had no idea what to write about. Usually when I'm writing for our thoughts posts I find the topics are relatively easy to come up with and the words just tend to flow. Many times I write about the game that the comic is based on or game topics I am interested in, but it's been rather dull lately. Couple that with the fact that I have no experience whatsoever with Tenchu, and you get another one of my random thoughts posts!

A major contributing factor to the dullness has been the complete exhaustion of my super go-go brew of coffee, which has transformed me into some twisted shell of a person. I think the next time I hit up my supplier for some of the good stuff I'm going to ask for a delivery plan a la Sparkletts. Now if only I could get the coffee injected through intravenous, I would be set!

Pie and I have been on odd sleeping schedules because our neighbor decided that our shared wood fence wasn't cutting it anymore. I can't say I blame him though; the termite infestation here is so bad that any piece of wood within 100 yards would most likely fall apart on sight. I try not to go under our house for fear of looking at the wood may just make our supports collapse, entombing me in the process.

What this meant for us was a backyard sans fence and the constant morning buzzing of circular saws applied, seemingly, directly to our skulls. This fence being down wouldn't be such an issue, save for the fact that we need to let our dogs out every few hours. One morning in my sleepy stupor I made the mistake of trusting my big dog to listen to verbal commands to stay within, what would be, the confines of our yard. I quickly found out how bad of an idea that was after a 100-meter dash chasing after him culminated in a rolling tackle somewhere in the middle of the street. I've since learned the wonders of using a leash and harness and now know that they can be used for more than just bedroom antics.

Ruling the Roost

july 22, 2011

I recently watched the un-boxing of the "Love is Over" collector's edition of Catherine, the latest game from Atlus that I've been salivating over. What's not to love about the pack-ins? Sex, ambient music, pizza, a pillow case and some apparel for cleaning up it's everything you need to have an enjoyable Saturday night.

The game is so enticing to me mostly because it is a highly produced game for the PS3 that is unique and refreshing, in the puzzle genre of all things. Lately there have been quite a lot of games in the war/FPS category that it has started to wear on me. Obviously a good FPS is great and awesome, but after seeing so many in the war category it makes me want to have something more toned down and fantasy related. I want to see more wonderment, more things that use creative imagination and ingenuity. And I would especially love to see more of this coming directly to home consoles, not just portables.

Even taking the FPS genre, I hope to see more old style fantasy and creativity; just something that mixes it up a bit like Bioshock. Another, albeit old, example that comes to mind is a very obscure game by the name of the Heretic/Hexen series. Here you had a fantasy-based FPS published by id Software where you could choose one of 3 different characters in different archetypes (fighter, cleric, and mage) and each had their own unique characteristics. The atmosphere of the game was really awesome and I remember having a lot of fun with its unique character system that allowed you to experience the game differently.

Anyways, we're sans art again this Wednesday as Pie finishes up the shirt design, so hopefully by next Wednesday you won't have to suffer with just my rambling. Check back on Friday for a Tenchu inspired comic, and until then have a great week!