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Follow us and you shall see, a forest filled with mystery. An owl unravels its secret facets; shame the boy is missing mental assets. So weary will be his travel, for failing to heed the babble. Will Link ever find his way? Neigh neigh! His guide would say.

So yeah, it is that time again when I get struck with the rhyming bug. After last week's comic I would have thought it to be the end of it for a while, but it seems I'm on a bit of a roll! It is a nice and refreshing change of pace on top of being a lot of fun too. I don't see rhyming too often in other comics so I feel like the ones we do help them stand out a bit. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy the silly rhymes, otherwise I am wasting time!

As I mentioned last week, I have been dedicating myself to getting my goblin to 85, which I finally accomplished last night. Although it seems silly to push off on comic work a bit for leveling (this entry should have been posted hours ago >_>), I can't deny that becoming a part of our new guild is incredibly important to me. After some thought and discussion with Pie, I think what it ends up boiling down to is the lack of social interaction that we have had since starting LiA. Day in and day out we toil away on our labor of love mostly in solitude, so having even a little social time has become increasingly vital.

It really hits home because up until recently the Independence Day weekend used to be a very big holiday that I would celebrate with friends. Anime Expo is happening this weekend, and it used to be a sort of pilgrimage for me to attend. Friends and I would go as a group and see the show together and just being surrounded by so many anime and game fans felt really refreshing. I remember my first AX was so impressionable that I would base entire holiday schedules to get off of work so I could live and breathe every moment of the con.

What really gets me excited though is the idea that we are about to come full circle on that experience. By next year, I imagine that Pie and I will be visiting anime and game cons as contributing artists instead of just cheery fans. I never imagined that possibility in my life before but the idea of being able to connect with other artists and fans again is something I'm very much looking forward to. Even more exciting is the idea of getting to attend more conventions than just AX and the occasional E3. Maybe by next year we'll actually be able to attend PAX which has been something I've wanted to do for ages.

Come on back frequently in the next few weeks as we shall be pumping goodies out! Have a wonderful weekend and for our fellow Americans, an amazing Independence Day!!

P.S. Make sure to check out the Bear Mysteries today!! It's amazingly epic~

In case any of you didn't know or couldn't figure out, this week's comic is loosely based on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time! XD The base idea for the comic came up when Bear and I were brainstorming for scripts a couple days ago. I walked by a small owl figurine that's perched on a shelf and it sparked thoughts of the talking owl that loosely guides Link in various Zelda games. I then told Bear how I thought the owl in Ocarina of Time was really cool and how it'd be funny if it were a horse on the owl perch instead... =x . I'm not sure why I've always liked that owl but I'm kinda betting it's mainly because of the melody that plays when it talks; it's so soothing and catchy. XD

Game Trailers recently did a video review on the recently released Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D for the Nintendo 3DS. I know this may be something really minor but I couldn't help but to get fired up after hearing the speaker state the game as being "more like an enhanced port than a remake." I believe this is very wrong; Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D was graphically rebuilt from the ground up! If that can't be called a "remake", then I wish people would stop calling games that have minimal to no changes other than the change of platform "remakes!"

It's one of my pet-peeves to hear people using the phrases "port" and "remake" incorrectly. For the past few years, we've seen rereleases of many Square Enix games: Final Fantasy 4, 5, and 6 for the Gameboy Advance, Final Fantasy Tactics of the PSP, and Chrono Trigger for the Nintendo DS; I was always furious to hear and read everywhere people referring to them all as "remakes" when it's completely untrue, nearly Nothing in those games were "remade!" -and though developers may have added a few bonus features or minor graphical changes, many of those ports are the same as the original game for the most part or even contain flaws that aren't even present in the original releases, some flaws being so severe, I'd much rather play the original than to ever touch the new port. In this case, referring enhanced ports of games as "remakes" doesn't do the originals justice because people often assume that a remake of an old game is somehow better or more advanced than the original. It's so terribly frustrating! >.<

Here's an analogy! Let's say the front yard of your house has a statue of a frog. I decided to get the same frog statue as yours and put it in my yard just as you did, but I gave it a hat and call it a remake! Can you really call that a "remake?" '_' Bear on the other hand saw your frog statue and decided to build a robot that visually resembles your frog statue for his front yard. That's a "remake," wouldn't you say? =D


And also...

july 1, 2011

What if I then took that robot and destroyed your frog statue.

Then I went around town touting my robo frog as the best frog in the known universe.

Would you cry?

I would...

not for you...

but for the original frog.

You'll always be my frog prince Glenn.

The Missing Link

july 1, 2011