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Welcome again avid Internet friends to another LiA Bonus Stage! Your enthusiasm and continued support has pushed us to deliver more delectable morsels for you to enjoy! Please partake of the appetizer that is Bonus Stage as you wait for your Odin Sphere themed LiA to finish cooking.

So!! We were able to make good on another bonus comic this week, a little bit later than I had hoped but still somewhat timely. This being our second week doing this we are starting to get a feel for our timing with the extra material, which is indeed awesome.

Today we have a little homage to Scott Pilgrim's precious little life. I must say, I was late hopping on the SP bus, but oh man am I glad that I did! Pie was sort of following Bryan Lee O'Malley before the movie came out, but once we saw it in theaters with some friends, I was an instant fan. Getting the Blu-ray and watching it over a few more times makes me that much more devoted. In fact, I would go so far as to say it is my all time favorite movie.

Be sure to check back this Friday for the main course!