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Lately we've been getting a lot of requests from advertisers for our ad space. This has lead to some internal conflict on which ads we should approve and which we reject. Why the conflict? Well...

We want to have cool ads on the site stuff our readers might find entertaining. When I go web surfing and come across an obnoxious advertisement, it immediately sours my mood. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's been startled by some random ad blaring how "Bob's Male Enhancement worked WONDERS for him AND the misses" (Not to knock it even old people need to get it on!).

Anyways, I wanted to publish this little mini-comic along with a new page (to be posted this weekend) directed toward perspective advertisers. We are trying to limit it to games, anime, manga and comics though other stuff we think might be interesting to you guys may show up as well. We are going to be really picky about the content and execution of ads even if it means pissing off advertisers or making our ads less financially valuable because it's something Pie and I are very passionate about.

Luckily since our ad agency lets us approve each ad by hand, we have the freedom to do this. We don't get more money based on the number of clicks (like Google), but I still want to encourage readers to check out what's on the ads if it seems like their cup of tea. Just like us, there are other creators out there trying to get their voices heard or may offer cool things you all might enjoy.

If you see an advertisement you don't like or want to speak up about our policy, please feel free to e-mail me. Thanks for the support everyone and sorry to any advertisers we have or will reject it's nothing personal!

Effective Advertising

april 13, 2011

First off, welcome to Bonus Stage, the introduction of bonus material to Life in Aggro! Pie and I have wanted to do "something" more for a while, and we decided that Bonus Stage will be our outlet for additional material. This could be anything from extra thoughts posts and mysterious features to random art or even full-fledged comics.

Updates for Bonus Stage will be on an "as available" basis, so check for announcements in my thoughts posts, on LiA's FB page or through Twitter to see when one drops.

So, without further ado, please enjoy the extra comic and corresponding thoughts entry.