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Obvious Suspects

march 25, 2011

This is a little bit of a change in thoughts topics for this week. Since Pie primarily talked about the subject of the comic, I'm going to go ahead and write a more blog-ish post. Well, my last entry was kind of that way too, but I don't have much to say about Persona 4 other than its awesome and I really want to finish it. My OCD makes that difficult because I feel compelled to fuse 'em all. Since I am adamant about not using game guides, it means hours of attempts and experiments to figure out how to maximize our roster. In fact, the MegaTen series has a lot of similarities to Pokemon, so if you are knee deep into Black and White right now and want something a bit more adult and dark, I would highly recommend checking it out.

I'm really happy the way this comic turned out. It's got that certain quality to it that I think has been missing... I guess its humor? Yeah...I guess this one makes me chuckle even after finishing it which is rare after seeing a joke so often. I have to admit that the topic seems so wrong but it feels so right! I was telling Pie that we really need to make more laugh-out-loud entries because I want you all to find yourselves in tears from laughter. Maybe other people won't find this comic as funny as Pie and I do, but that is to be expected since humor is subjective after all. Even so, this comic comes close to what I want to grasp on a weekly basis.

Pie and I have been discussing recently how to grow LiA from where we are at now. We both feel heavily compelled to get "stronger" through increased production or other means. I personally feel like if I stand still for long right now and don't actively try and get better we will get passed up by people who are already better than us. In a way, it's like a feeling of asphyxiation and anxiety from knowing how insanely talented others can be we both feel like we have a huge gap to bridge in order for us to meet with success.

Although we are still infants in the domain of web comics, we both also feel like we don't have time to lose. Life in Aggro isn't the only project we want to work on and we don't want to reach a comfort zone and stagnate. We have the comic making process down, now is just the time to grow. I think the art is there but now it's up to the humor and ancillary things associated with LiA (website, social networking, etc.) to catch up. As one astute critic of our LiA said, our site design looks to crib Penny Arcade. There is no denying it they have provided us with a lot of inspiration and the site layout and format are very similar. Although the site was made simply just to get LiA out there, I think it's time to create a new layout one that is unique to us as much as possible. Now that I am more familiar with code, I'm more confident that I can achieve this so you may be seeing more site changes in the near-ish future.

The bottom line is we still have a long way to go and we aren't comfortable resting on our laurels. Thanks for putting up with our not always so stellar comics as we continue to try and grow. I hope you all enjoy this week's entry!


Fuzzy Monkey

march 25, 2011

Bear and I've been wanting to do a comic on Persona 4 for a few months now. We're big fans of the game though I hate to say that we haven't passed it yet. We've clocked in 50+ hours and enjoyed it thoroughly. It's has great art, presentation, an amazing battle system, and very well fleshed out likable characters blessed with great English voice actors. I admit that Chie's voice took me a bit to get used to hearing at first, but you get used to it.

A big focus of Persona 4's story is a pattern of mysterious murders that occur in a small town involving television. Bear and I were talking about comic ideas one day eventually came up with the idea of mixing Persona 4 and Teletubbies. Since Teletubbies have small TVs on their stomachs and are pretty creepy to begin with, why not jest that they were involved.

I was a bit worried for a second while gathering references of Teletubbies about their relevance to the TV theme since none of the pictures I found actually had the squares on their stomachs acting as monitors. I've never actually SEEN the show and I know it's bad form to say you don't like something without experiencing it, but I really can't even stand the sight of them for long honestly. They just look too unappealing visually; I'm really surprised they got as popular as they did. I decided to look it up on Wikipedia for info and was surprised at how they sound even creepier than I initially thought.

Wikipedia mentions the Teletubbies as doing "things that little children like to do, such as rolling on the ground, laughing, running about, and watching real children on the televisions on their bellies" and having "a substantial cult following with older generations, mainly university and college students. The mixture of bright colours, unusual designs, repetitive non-verbal dialogue, ritualistic format, and the occasional forays into physical comedy appealed to a demographic who perceived the programme as having psychedelic qualities."


It's kind of a shame because as much as I want to push the concept of Teletubbies away with a pole, it's still part of the comic. It's sad that though this comic is Persona 4 themed, the Teletubbies are probably the more prominent elements.

Obvious Suspects

march 25, 2011