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I wonder how many people reflect back to being kids and using our imaginations as primary sources of entertainment. It is a bit magical, right? I mean, when you are a kid everything is new and fascinating and things that become mundane as an adult give off an amazing sense of wonder and discovery. Going through a park dense with vegetation and hills, your mind fills with a wild sense of adventure. Iím quite sure Iím not alone here, but I think as adults we have a real hard time remembering what it was like to have that child like enthusiasm and awe.

So todayís comic is going back to a somewhat similar theme from one of our earliest comics, the desperate want for the shiny new video games on the shelf and being a wee bit short on cash to acquire our digital treasures. Luckily games arenít as tough on the wallet as anime, but it still hurts when there is a bundle of really interesting titles out and you have to pick and choose which ones you can afford to splurge on.

When Donkey Kong Country Returns first debuted, I was in total awe over the game. It looked absolutely amazing and reminded me of just how awesome the first game was. The fact that Retro was handling the development was a very welcome surprise as I knew the game would be in good hands. My obsession for it has remained high for a very long time and I finally broke down and bought it a couple days ago so once this comic is done I can finally satiate my almost maddening hunger to play it. Having it sit here on my desk taunting me while Pie and I try and stay focused on getting the comic out in a somewhat timely manner was a trial of endurance and willpower to say the least!

In other news regarding DKC, in the weeks leading up to its release, Nintendo decided to trademark the phrase ďItís on like Donkey KongĒ. This is pretty funny because the phrase was originally made popular in an Ice Cube song titled ďNow I gotta WetíchaĒ. For those who donít know, this song came out nearly TWENTY years ago. Nintendo caught a lot of flak for this move as well they should because they werenít even clever enough to come up with the title yet they felt the need to trademark it.

Well, Iím off to go devour DKCR Ė hope you guys enjoy this one! See ya next week~

Once again we're a bit late on the comic and we're sorry about that everyone. >.< I think this one came out pretty nicely though with a nice variety of colors! =D Thank you all of you who've been reading our comic. I wonder though how many of you read our thoughts entries.

I've been a little disappointed about not getting much activity on the forums despite the traffic we've been having on our site. I can understand it though considering I myself am reluctant to sign up on other peoples' forums and seldom write or respond on them. I hope that one day soon our forums will be bustling with a lively community.~

A chronic medical condition of mine has been acting up again and I think itís really been affecting me. It actually hasn't been this bad in years which I'm glad of. I don't like feeling reluctant about doing really simple things like getting out of bed to get a cup of water without a decent reason. I don't feel my problem is a good reason to not do things, but sometimes it gets in the way much too often. I've been optimistic over the past week that it's getting better. I hope it'll be gone soon.