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Living on the Edge

december 12, 2010

We go back a little in history to flesh out what really happened in the adventures of a girl named Faith in the excellent action-adventure game, Mirror’s Edge. Things are bound to happen when you deliver government contraband to underground clientele. As with all customer service jobs, you are bound to run into those special customers…you know the ones I’m talking about.

The game is set entirely from the first person perspective as you run along rooftops and through building with set goals for each stage. It is like no other game I am aware of and is essentially based on Pakour a.k.a. Free Running. Put simply, it is the act of moving as fast as possible to your destination and using a sort of urban acrobatics to keep yourself from sustaining too much damage. Check out the videos in the links as they have some pretty impressive examples.

Mirror’s Edge is a game that I felt really hit the mark in terms of delivering a uniquely enjoyable experience. It is well paced, amazing environments, great ambience and just downright fun to play. It is hard enough to be frustrating, but has a good learning curve and you never feel too discouraged to continue. By the end of the game, I couldn’t help but want more wishing that a sequel would follow up soon afterward.

Sadly, the game got mixed reviews; mostly positive but I think many people were a little overly picky about it. Was it on the short side? Yeah, sure it was but there are a number of amazing titles that are short. A game doesn’t have to last for 40 hours for it to be enjoyable. Did it have a few issues as far as flow? Some people say so; honestly I couldn’t see it – I thoroughly enjoyed it. The funny thing is, I’m not overly critical about a lot of things (sounds weird with how opinionated I come off sometimes), but I tend to look over small hiccups and don’t commit them to memory if I’m having fun. To that extent, Mirror’s Edge delivered. I think people should check it out and EA should seriously consider releasing a proper sequel (not just the iPad and iPhone versions.

Thanks for being patient with us this week! Pie being out of town for 4 days really put a damper in our schedule, despite us working hard to be as close to being on time as possible. On the bright side, I got some extra time in on WoW this week with the Cataclysm expansion while I waited for Pie, and I must say it is amazing so far!

Look forward to your regularly scheduled Life in Aggro next Friday!


Bunny in the FACE!

december 12, 2010

We are far behind schedule this week due to me being out of town as Bear had mentioned in the previous comic's entry. Sorry everyone for the late post everyone.

The trip was really stressing for the first couple of days because I ended up borrowing Bear's cell phone to take with me on the trip since I don't have one of my own and ended up losing it on the 7ish hour drive to my mom's house. I felt so horrible. I couldn't get it off my mind for days. That happening along with having to take care of a few errands and the creeping comic deadline was getting to me. Talking to Bear over my mom's phone a few times while there really helped settle me down. He said that he was trying to call me most of the time I was driving and got worried something might have happened and that what's most important is that I'm safe. He really is an amazing person and a bear among Bears. I really wish that one day I can repay him with more happiness than the happiness he has given me over the years I have known him…

It was really nice spending time with my family. I probably wasn't able to spend as much personal time with each of them as I would have liked, but there's just so many things to do. I feel kinda bad because though we have so many convenient forms of communicative technology, I'm usually really bad at keeping in contact with people- it's something I know I seriously need to work on. I think maybe it's because I don't usually have anything to say and kinda dread having that "awkward pause" moment when both parties run out of topics to talk about.

Yay, another non-comic-related rant! \(' v ')/

Hope you enjoy the comic! XD

Living on the Edge

december 12, 2010