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So a new Pokemon game has been making news headlines recently – Pokemon Black and White for the Nintendo DS. I must say that I am impressed at how long the series has stayed around and how successful it continues to be. When the original Pokemon came out, even I got into the game and a bit of the craze – a friend and I even went to a special event to get the ultra-rare Mew. After I finished with the first game, I stopped playing it as my interest had waned and I was busy playing other things. I thought it was kind of a fad that would stop after a short while, but it is thriving and continues pumping our new stuff.

It has spawned an amazing amount of material – most notably 4 game sets along with accompanying director cut versions, several spinoff games, 13 double SEASONS of anime (read – over 600 episodes), and 13 full length feature films. For the un-initiated, pokemon (Poket Monster) games are released in opposing color sets which are the same basic game save for a different set of pokemon that can be traded between sets to collect the entire library.

With the latest game, they are adding some pretty neat features. One of which happens to be seasons that change with each real life calendar month. How exactly this will play into the game still has yet to be revealed, but I couldn’t help but wonder what the implications would be if you released a water (or even fire) pokemon in the Winter and more funnily if you were to release a grass pokemon in Fall. Another neat feature is the ability to bring out more than 1 pokemon at a time, which I hope is a major aspect in the game because I agree with Pie in that the 1 on 1 battles are a little too simplistic.

P.S. - The Scott Pilgrim vs. the World movie opens TODAY!!! I can't wait to see it!! Sadly, I won't have the opportunity until I go out with some friends NEXT Sunday -.-

It looks amazing though and if you are reading this I bet you would enjoy it too~



august 13, 2010

First off I want to apologize to our readers about my grammar in our previous posts and about how painful it might have been to read. I think part of the reason behind this is because I'm usually exhausted and burnt out when I'm writing and because I haven't had to actually write anything for a long time. I used to be kinda prideful at the decency of my writing, but now I'm feeling really embarrassed when I go back and reread a post and find a ton of problems. I'll try to do better. Sorry again.

I admit that when Pokemon was first becoming popular that I was getting into the fad too. I watched the cartoon, collected playing cards, all that jazz, but after a point it really started feeling very corporate and you can just feeeeeeel the franchise being milked for every penny it can make meanwhile regurgitating the same material. I don't think I "don't like" pokemon now though, I think I just don't care... '_'

The last Pokemon game I've played was version Blue of the first released set of games for the original gameboy. I ended up losing interest in the game I think mainly due the fact that you fight one on one battles the whole game. There just didn't seem to be enough strategy and having the experience of controlling multiple characters in other turn based RPG's at the time made Pokemon's battle system feel severely lacking and outdated. The franchise has become a bit more enticing over the past few years due to major graphical improvements and I wonder with every new release whether or not they had changed the battle system. I think that if they changed it so that you control a team, I'd actually think about giving the series another try. Though versions Black and White advertise having "triple battles" (team of 3 pokemon versus another team of 3 pokemon out all at once), I'm feeling highly skeptical that it'll be a normal in-game occurrence.