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Patreon Launch!

august 31, 2014

Well everyone, it took a couple days longer than we anticipated, but it's finally here! The secret project we were alluding to last week was a in fact a Patreon campaign! We've been working on it for the past few weeks, so check out our video and Patreon page here!

Additionally, we have a new section to our site for those that are interested in helping support us, including the commissions slots that I had mentioned a few weeks ago. Check it out and put us to work for some art we think you'll love.

Now that Patreon's been announced, I have to be honest; it's incredibly hard to ask for support! When we launched the Kickstarter two and a half years ago, it felt easier because we were offering real world merch and there was an end goal in how much money needed to be raised. Making merch is nice, and cool and fun on occasion, but what we really want to do is just keep making the best comics we can. That leads to another reason why it's tough to ask for support; feeling worthy of it.

In the last couple years, we've gone through a lot of life and circumstance changes. A few months after we wrapped up the Kickstarter, we had to move in with family and rely on their support. The whole process was equal parts humbling and humiliating, uplifting and terrifying. I would constantly go through highs and lows; feeling positive and thinking that we were making some progress to feeling worthless with intense anxiety. At one point I ran off to sleep in my car to escape a family get together, feeling so ashamed from my perception of worthlessness.

During those times, I just kept thinking, "As long as we can keep making the comic, I can keep my sanity. We can slowly build on something and hopefully, as we got better at making comics that were worth people's time and attention, we would get 'somewhere'." I honestly didn't know where that would be; maybe it was just enough skill to get odd jobs to make ends meet. Or maybe it would land us a job (career?) in a creative field. Wherever "it" was, at least I would have felt like the time was well spent because we were building skills and confidence, not simply because we were doing something we love (a lot).

That attitude of worthiness extends to comic making as well. I always felt like...we will get support or get somewhere when we can create work deserving of support. As long as we keep trying to put out our best, never resting, never settling or becoming complacent, then maybe we might be worthy enough of the support to make a life for ourselves or to find our path. To make things that made us happy that we hoped would make others happy as well.

Thankfully, in March things started turning around for us. We've been living on our own again with the help of my dad and a very supportive roommate, and while we aren't quite self sufficient yet, we're getting there. Between the odd commission job and occasional sale and donation, we've been weaning off our families' support a little at a time. I've been feeling a lot better and, even though there are still rough patches, things seem to be looking up. I have our families to thank for that, and I have you all reading this to thank for that too. It's not just the monetary support, but the emotional support as well; of which I am eternally grateful for!

I was always reluctant to talk about our bumps in the road before because it was hard enough to face them myself, let alone share them with you. Plus, this is a humor comic, darn it! No need to bum you all out too, that's the exact opposite of what I want! But now that things are a LOT better, I felt like a little life update was in order, for those wondering why we've been silent on side projects since the Kickstarter. The fact that this Patreon is launching and we're able to set aside time to take on commission work is huge for us. Having the attitude and energy to work on these side projects has me really excited for what is coming, even if the previous paragraphs may have lead you to believe otherwise! XD

Once again, thanks for all your support! Reading and enjoying the comic is already so much and we are so grateful that you enjoy the comics we adore making. If you happen to want some commission work done or can help support monetarily though, it would be immensely appreciated. Check out our support page for more info, or the aforementioned Patreon and its accompanying semi-animated video.

Thanks everyone for your support and patience!! We're both really looking forward to having a new comic for you all come next Friday!