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Want to show some love to us for our weekly hijinks? Want to make sure we have fuel to add to this big 'ol fire of words and pictures? Check out how below!


Do you like the art of Life in Aggro? Do the colors whet your appetite in a way that has you begging for seconds? Have you ever thought to yourself, "DAYUM Life in Aggro, you be lookin FINE! I'd like to have me a piece of that sweet, sweet assortment of finely shaped digital paint up in my grill."

Well, good news everyone! You want art and we like to eat and buy games, so we decided to offer up a sort of arrangement. A sexy arrangement called commissions; you pay us and we do art things for you! Kinky? And how!

Check out what we're offering!

Digital Works

  • $60 A simple picture, typically one character
  • with minimal background
  • $180 Full scene of whatever you would like, see examples

Get it Signed, Printed and Shipped!

  • $10 11x17 print on premium 13x19 luster 10mm cardstock
  • $35 11x17 on stretched canvas, ready for hanging
  • Please note, shipping price varies on international orders.

We will want to chat with you via Steam, Skype or whatever you prefer so we can get the details of what you want done. It tends to help us to get to know you a little bit so we can do our best to make something you will cherish, especially for the full scene pictures.

Commission slots are on a first come, first serve basis and will be done between making comics. We will let you know what the ETA on your piece is once we are in contact.

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Patreon allows you to donate a little bit of money for every comic we produce! You choose how much and what your budget is; Patreon bills you once a month, and we give you extra bonus content for your continued patronage. News feed, high res comics, doodles, behind the scenes, roughs/WIPs, Q&As, commentary, commission raffle and more are available to patrons.

We put a lot of love into our campaign, so click the button below to check out our Patreon page for more info!


Go check out our store for some sweet deals on some of our shirts and prints.

As support from Patreon, commissions and donations increases, we'll be able to populate the store with more great stuff. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page and we'll notify you when new stuff gets added to the store!

Wish List

A number of you have grabbed games for us that you thought we would be interested in, or simply thought we must have in our collection. Getting gifts is always cool, and getting games as gifts is even cooler! We went ahead and started some wish lists on Steam and Amazon for those that want to show their love through a gift.

Check them out below! If you want to get us something that is not on the list that can't be gifted to Steam, you can e-mail us and we'll let you know where to ship it to!