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The quiz of terror! (pretty nice name huh?)

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The quiz of terror! (pretty nice name huh?)

Postby KainRogers » Sun Mar 23, 2014 1:25 pm

This is the Quiz of terror... formerly alongside what was called the gauntlet of doom, which no one knows what it really was.

Anyways folks the quiz is a simple and fun little thing i made consisting of 5 multiple choice questions below, if you feel you don't wanna be 100% honest in a post below you can always pm me your answers! anyways have fun! this was posted in the nsfw section for obvious reasons as you read on!

1.) you are trapped in an abandoned space station of terror and all your friends are being consumed by a flesh eating alien virus there is no way to cure them at all. what do you do?

A.) Run for the nearest escape pod and get the fuck outta there (cause your the proud elegant dick that worries about their self first over others)

B.) fight the alien hordes with your balls of steel and other skills you left at home ( yea your gonna become alien food probably)

C.) Find a way to cure your friends and escape with them! (but i said no cure?! :'c)

D.) Fuck logic cause you would never go to space. (space is for wimps and the life risking simpletons as you call them)

2.) You are taking a walk down a beach and notice this fine looking person whom you seem to admire, what do you do?

A.) confront them, flirt a little bit ( you're totally not self conscious or anything)

B.) Proceed to greet them and offer a drink in which you drug, then take them to your abandoned warehouse to consume their flesh. (because cannibalism that's why)

C.) ignore them because you're scared they will be mean to you. (it's social anxiety for a reason)

D.) tell them that they are ugly and should be ashamed (because only a dick like you is perfect and even the world beneath your feet isn't good enough <3)

3.) you have heard that your best friend sabotaged your one and only chance to be with the person you love, what do you do?

A.) burn the fuckers house down and murder their parents. (it's totally not psychotic and they totally deserve it for ruining your life right??)

B.) confess to your love that you have been framed and ask them if you can make it up to them. ( this has a 50% chance of backfiring on you)

C.) confront your friend and your love and ask them to help you find the mastermind behind these troubles so you can give a smack down on their dirty sniveling sabotaging ass. (because you totally have mad detective skillz)

D.) dismiss all rumors and go on with your life. you don't care what anyone thinks and the person you actually love is just what you call another phase. (you really have no desire for truth or drama)

4.) you are racing at high speeds down the largest skyscraper ever because you like danger and even though this scenario makes little sense you do not care, you've almost won but the the other racer at your heel is playing dirty what do you do?

A.) play dirty right back, I've been winning this whole damn race and im not about to lose to this fucker! ( you may win this way but you may never know honorable victory)

B.) do a god of war jump to his car while your vehicle is on auto pilot then behead him for sparta! ( you badass you ;D , you may go to prison for murder but at least you're a badass)

C.) let him win, obviously he wants it more than you ( a real racer knows when to throw in the towel for cowards... wait wut?)

D.) win fairly, you are a true racer and no cheater is gonna dominate you! ( the bitch is using blue spiny shells, uh oh!)

5.) The time has come and all your friends are around, you play gleefully then the final boss appears to fuck shit up and ruin your day, your friends are in trouble and the whole damn city or town, or where ever the fuck you live. its up to you, what do you do?

A.) plan while dodging the bosses attack patterns, its the best shot you have at finding a weak spot! ( and maybe will be your demise for taking too long)

B.) You stare the boss in the face and uppercut it with your snazzy fight moves. (be careful cause it hits hard!)

C.) You kick the boss in its privates, cause fuck this asshole. ( this may be the dumbest but most clever plan ever, nope probably the dumbest)

D.) you say with a mighty roar hear me boss and hear me logic fuck thee for bacon will prevail! ( you cook some mean ass bacon)

and thats the quiz, hope you had fun <3
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Re: The quiz of terror! (pretty nice name huh?)

Postby ThePaul » Mon Mar 24, 2014 8:24 am

1. A - Sorry, bros, but I ain't getting my flesh eaten cause you was too dumb to not put your face next to the horrible alien
2. A - I just survived a flesh eating alien virus in space, my confidence is through the roof
3. D - I ain't got time to deal with zombies that have been half eaten by an alien virus and my girl is probably infected already
4. A - There is no way a race like that has any rules, I'm not one to follow the rules in an illegal race
5. C - I've been hanging out with a bunch of zombies, I'm not thinking straight
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Re: The quiz of terror! (pretty nice name huh?)

Postby KainRogers » Mon Mar 24, 2014 11:20 am

oh man paul your response gave me the best laugh ever, i hope more people reply to this quiz :lol:
There would be a pretty good signature here if I was witty enough! Probably.
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Re: The quiz of terror! (pretty nice name huh?)

Postby Alexx » Mon Mar 24, 2014 11:45 am

1.) How's the virus being conveyed? If it's airborne, I'm probably infected, so I'd pick C. I'm already gona die, so I might as well spend it trying to find a cure! If it's not airborne and I'm absolutely CERTAIN that I'm the only one not infected it, I pick D. I wouldn't be working in space, too terrified.

2.) C, technically. I'm not afraid they'll be mean to me, but I still don't wana bother some random person.

3.) B! My wife is my love, and she'd trust me. Can't even imagine what anyone could possibly say against me that she would actually believe. Especially not any of my friends! They rock.

4.) A, fuck that cheating son of a bitch.

5.) A, definitely. I'm all about the dodging, or at least in a fantasy scenario. I'll work something out as I go.
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