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Fake it 'Til You Makeup

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Fake it 'Til You Makeup

Postby Adol The Red » Mon May 01, 2017 4:07 pm

Well, this comic was funny, so you nailed it there. Otherwise, I know I have no problem with you saying what you gotta say. There's a quote from Stephen King's writing book/autobiography, On Writing. I don't remember who he originally heard it from, but the quote is "Art is a support for life." Though his point was about putting your desk in the corner rather than in the middle of the room, remembering that art is not the center of your life but one part of it, I think the words can apply in a lot of ways. For me, I want to entertain, but I also use writing to explore parts of myself, or things about humanity, that I just don't understand. So I think if putting what you're feeling in the comics helps, you should do it, and otherwise just do the best you can. Don't know if this helps or not, but I'd wager most of your audience feels a connection to the both of you, just as I do. I, at the very least, can't imagine having a problem with it.
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Re: Fake it 'Til You Makeup

Postby InSanor » Tue May 02, 2017 10:41 pm

What Adol here said is right. Also, I do kinda feel like that the artists should be free to share their own thoughts and feelings in the comics they make as they wish. There are no molds for any art, or well.. there is, but there is no need to always try to fit one's work on that same mold that others use. Besides, while I cannot say that I am in the similar spot as.. well Bear is, I can say that sharing your own life every now and then in the comic has made some things in my life somewhat easier. Hearing.. or well reading those thoughts and worries gave me the needed push to think about my own life situations more deeply. Something that I have been avoiding, so I'd like to thank you guys from that.

Oh wow, I'm rambling. /swt2
Sorry about that and thanks from sharing your worries and thoughts with us :p
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