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An Expression of Pie

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An Expression of Pie

Postby Alexx » Wed Feb 08, 2017 11:27 pm

"I swear you do that more than you actually play."

WOO BOY, do I understand that! Well, maybe not for the exact things here, but for any sort of character creation. Hell, even just picking names! I'd sit there forever working on names for characters that, if I hadn't played the game before, I had no information on, so I'd be thinking of a name that would work for someone I knew nothing about!

Character creation is another beast, and if they add in an color edit option, then I ain't going outside for a few days. Even worse if the color edit is something you can do at any time, like with Armored Core or something. I freakin' change colors for different missions sometimes. I even spend way too much time just editing the colors on the freakin' menus.

I like color edits, is what I'm sayin'.
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