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Fantasia Dysplasia

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Fantasia Dysplasia

Postby Adol The Red » Mon Nov 20, 2017 10:40 am

I feel like I've heard the name of this game, but I'm honestly not sure. Suffice it to say, your explanation has piqued my interest and I intend to check it out.

Love the character art. LiA characters have always been good, but it lately it seems to have taken a step up. All the cute designs are great, but they are also so sharp and full of life.

"No... I hated being you." ::tears::
Love it.
Epic drums, brah!
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Re: Fantasia Dysplasia

Postby Steelhawke » Fri Nov 24, 2017 8:38 pm

My guild in Old Republic would do this a lot..though we called it playing "Pretty Pretty Princess." Won't lie..I've spent more than a few hours tweaking and retweaking the look of my character using god knows how many glamours to get the look just right. Currently in Final Fantasy I was rocking the "Cowboy Samurai" look, which I have to admit..I was pretty proud of at the time.

All in you play the game is inconcequential as to whether or not your having fun....if the latter applies..then its all good.
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Re: Fantasia Dysplasia

Postby Pie » Thu Dec 07, 2017 4:00 pm

Yes, Hat in Time is so awesome!~ XD I hope you end up liking it a lot if you choose to pick it up. =) I think it's worth the, I think, $30?

Thank you Adol too for your comment on the characters and expression. =) I've been reading a lot more manga during meal breaks lately and have really been wanting to up the quality. Always trying to get better, you know? -so I'm really happy to hear that you noticed a change in some way. =)

@steelhawke- I was really trying to do a nice cowboy themed WAR glamour a few months ago. XD I was liking it, but it also felt that it wasn't so great in comparison to everyone else in our LS because it was mostly made of low level, or less extravagant gear. Cecilia would tease me, calling it my "Vampire Hobo" outfit. XD;; (the chestpiece was the vampire cape from last year's Halloween Event"). -but yes, Glamours, it's pretty neat, I think, that though it can be seen as only a small feature in MMO's, it's surprisingly really big, important, and fun for players. @u@
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